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Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)

Date July 25, 2019
Trainer Charan Pradhan
Participants Aaditya Shrestha, Aayusha Shrestha, Archana Sah, Asmit Ojha, Gumadevi Sharma, Mahika Pandey, Misan Baral, Nitish Maharjan, Pramod Rai, Pratik Joshi, Pratiksha Dhungana, Raghu Nath Pathak, Roshan Shrestha, Sangita Prajapati, Saurav Prajapati, Shiwa Bastola, Sudeep Khatiwada, Sudhir Kumar Maharjan, Sweta Karna
Photos By Dipal Malla, Swornim Bhattarai
Creative Support Dipal Malla

Aayusha Shrestha Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises were really great. It stimulated spiritual healing in a way.

Guma Devi Sharma I was feeling relaxed after TRE, I didn’t realize how 2 hours went by so quickly.

Pratik Joshi It was a fascinating experience from beginning till the end. It is an unusual encounter whereby one feels their body shaking but in a controlled fashion whilst listening to the instruction by the trainer. I did feel a little exhausted but could feel the lightness in my body. I can say for sure that this is one of the best ways to stretch your body, especially your lower back.

Pratiksha Dhungana The session started with fun and energetic warm-up dance and then followed by innovative series of exercises, TRE was a very amusing experience. The exercise revoked a muscular shaking process in the body to shake off tension which was absolutely new experience for me. A little over one and a half hour session made me feel light and something interesting to both talk and work out later.

Shiwa Bastola Initially when I was told “you’ll be shaking away all your stress” I was a bit skeptical. But as the session progressed, from random dancing to structured exercises, I could slowly feel relaxation seeping in. When the tremors actually began after the completion of the exercises, there was this sense of calmness and I could not really believe the tremors were happening. When we were asked to finally stay still, a mild vibration could be felt from head to toe, calming every cell of the body. This was a really great experience and I will definitely try it again.

Sudeep Khatiwada TRE was so very effective in releasing stress. Awesome experience!

Sweta Karna I complete enjoyed TRE and would like to do it again for sure. I had never experienced or known about shaking technique. So, it was all new and relaxing.