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Anup Sharma


Tell Her

There she stands in the middle knowing nothing
Hope somebody will tell her the meaning
It’s always been green and blue since she came
She has lost her charm, she looks so lame
She looks confused in this new look
What did happen to the root?

She was never a brat in the childhood
May be her father didn’t treat her good
Her mother passed away when she was six
Brother left the town, he was called a jinx
She too ran away to a new place
Tried to hide the past with a new face

She always wanted to be …

a heartthrob
That’s why she ended up in the night club
She wears the fake smile in her face
Everyday you find her in a new dress
Making money and hoping to start a new life
Where is she heading? Will she get a drive?

She is just 19 and seen it all
The sinner, the saint and the fall
What is the destination, she doesn’t know?
But she has the money all the glitters and the glow
Now she cries sitting in front of the mirror
Reminiscences strike her back to the days of abhor

19 thoughts on “Tell Her

  1. Dami Poem Anup…please keep on writing such poems.Looking forward to reading such poems from you..Great Job Man…

  2. It was all about getting away from daily work. I was tired of daily routine even if I am not supposed to. I think Karma requires some kind of spices in it. Monotonous Karma becomes boring no matter what Krishna says in Geeta. I was trying to let mysself go free for a while without worrying about 9-5 schedule. It helped and I learned a lot. One of the learning was that when your brain does not have fix deliverables and opportunity to function in unstructured mode, it runs almost at the speed of light and if someone could record, every hour one could fill up thousands of pages.

    Anyways – it was amazing!

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  3. How was Meditation Camp like? What happened? Can we participate? What are the achievements of being dutiless for such a long period?

  4. I am back. I had gone to a meditation camp for two weeks. It was about ignoring outer body look and getting closer to inner soul.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  5. Where is Geeta – the Geeta Lover? is she ill? Pawan, great shot, right thru the centre.

  6. LG, think this way. Why wisdom is farce? why it is not a farce? what makes wisdom neither? think if wisdom is in between farce and not farce? think it deep and wide, try your logic or luck, and if you think you cant see anything then thank me, it is just a farce.

  7. Quote:
    wisdom is farce; values are constructed, its not absolute.

    Why is wisdom farce and why did u emphasize on values above? Could you please make it clear?

  8. money not everything. money is everything. quality of life is everyhing, that’s stupid. wisdom is all that matter. wisdom is farce. these are values, and values are contructed, its not absolute.

  9. Woo Hoo woo… LG…there are times when u will imagine urself in the shoes of others.it doesn’t always have to be you, you and only you.wats wrong in empathizing??? and wats wrong in imagination?? lot of our theorizes are based on assumptions…this is the way the universe has been since the time immemorial.who am i to change it?? and why should it be changed??
    when i said sinner, saint and the fall, i meant her life is full of roller coaster rides..sometimes its the sinner who comes and tears her away and some other times it is the saint who comes and doesnt even touch her and Fall is obvious..she fell from what she used to be..she must have had a vision for her life…but now she fell ..and her vision has become something of a distant future….

  10. She doesn’t know anything but her current job!!

    Now whose shoes are your feet in Mr.Anup? Is your
    shoes stinking, why don’t u imagine u and be urself?(just a little suggestion, don’t get offended.)

    Of course I also agree that, Money is not everything, it’s the wisdom that counts which comes along with learning experience and that’s life, a never ending learning experience;
    You cannot deny the fact that you were born out of sin, so triple whammy of saint/sinner/fall may imply to you as well.
    “To err is to Human”
    One may fall thousand times in life but having courage to stand up every time you fall is the real way of living.

  11. well Pawan..thats the irony of “HER”..money is not everything in life..the quality of life is all that matters..she doesnt know anything cos she is just 19 and seen the Sinner, the Saint and the Fall.. a triple whammy.her roller coaster life has forced her to reckon that she doesnt know anything than her current job.

  12. she is just 19 and has money, and this male poet think she still cry. she has whole life to live man. why anup, you think she does not know anything.

  13. Well..nice suggestions..when someone writes a poem i dont think its all that necessary to write each and everything in detail. its like an abstract art .. u are the reader interpret your way.. this is something which i wrote empathizing myself in the shoes of a entertainer/stripper..and the situation has been created by myself only.i dont know where this “HER” character lands after her job..that has not been touched upon.and which i dont think is necessary here…This is not something which she has expressed in the hindsight ..but something which she is facing on the job she does…WHY Don’t you continue this poem on that front LG? let us see your imaginative and empathizing skills…all the best..
    “Why don’t you dig your genetic stuff if you can’t befriend ladies in your life and handle them with care?” regarding this LG, who in the earth told u that i dont have female frens and i dont handle them with care.. u just cant go an extra mile assuming something about me like that.. Lunkiri G … better luck next time.. i hope u have something to comment on these points…Thanks..

  14. Few paragraphs to Tell her and those paragraphs to prove what???
    About what she does not know or what she wanted to be..??
    Why don’t you complete your stanza?

    Here goes a few lines to tell you:

    What if her smile lightens up her face;
    That she doesn’t have to paint her face with make up and cosmetics.
    What if she was gone and came back her home town;
    She may have been larger than life that you may not have any clue at all.

    And by the way, Anup I think you should not waste your time pondering about her and her outfit and her family. Why don’t you dig your genetic stuff if you can’t befriend ladies in your life and handle them with care?

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