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Hiking from Telkot to Nagarkot via Uttarpani

Title : 2007 Feb – D2Hawkeye Hiking from Telkot to Nagarkot via Uttarpani
Participants : Anupa, Bhanu, Manoj(rookie), Shailee, Surendra, SudeepK, Kapil, Mahesh, Rajan, Bishwa, Bikram, AashishK, Keshav, and Vishnu
Route : Telkot to Uttarpani to Nagarkot
Time : 6 hours
Distance : 22 km (Appx)
Date : Sunday, Feb 18, 2007
Report : Bishwa
Photos : Shailee, Mahesh and Bishwa
Captions : BinayaN, VishnuK
Creative Support: BinayaN
Hiking Tips : American Hiking Society

The sky is a nice place to be. I like to fly up there whenever possible, watching the life below.
Today’s a fine day; the late night rain has washed down the haze above the ground. Fresh air, clear sky, warm sun upon the hills, I bet some groups will be out there getting ready for a hike. The early morning fog might be a little disheartening, but it will soon be blown away by the wind.

Hiking from Telkot to Nagarkot via Uttarpani
Haledo Village

Ah… a group’s gathering in the D2hawkeyeServices premises. I like that place. Moreover, it looks like they’re preparing for hiking, as if to prove me right :). There are about 12 people, all men. Most of them with their backpacks, full of who-knows-what, some chatting, and some playing that ping-pong game (that’s what they call it), others are watching; some talking on their phones and… some, still yawning – nostalgic of the warm bed they’d left, just to be waiting for some late-comers. However, what is this! No Girls? It’s really boring to watch an all-men’s band wobbling up the hills!

The vehicle moves at last! I was just about to get restless, sitting on this lifeless tree on such a fine morning. From what I have perceived, there are still more people joining the group. There better be some girls or I’ll have to find some other group of hikers.

Bhatbhateni-putalisadak-tinkune-New Baneshwor… the van is stopping now. A girl with specs is walking towards it, smiling. I wish they made those for me too, my eyes are getting weaker from all the dust and smoke, well, and that is just a wish. Anyways I will just stick with this group, as always.

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A little ahead, the van stops again. A guy steps in. I wonder where they will go today. Last time they had been to Nagarkot with some foreigner guy. The man with the nearly bald head, as always, was there too. They had distributed copies and pencils to children in a school. That is nice, helping your own kind huh? Well keep up the good work :).

Koteshwor- Sallaghari-Kamalbinayak, I think I know where they are heading … Nagarkot, again. That is a good choice though. Who gets tired of watching the world from Nagarkot? A girl joins the group at Kamalbinayak. The fog’s still blanketing the ground, but from up here, I can see Nagarkot smiling in the warmth of the morning sun.

The army Barrack at Kharipati is left far behind. The van is now wheeling uphill along the snaky road. It makes a stop near Telkot in a small restaurant – “Hawa Ghar”, “The Windy House”(when translated). Time for breakfast I guess. Well that gives me some time for a rest, and some breakfast too, if I get lucky 🙂 – there used to be plenty of chicken who have escaped from their coop around here. I will just look around…

The group looks ready for the hike now… they climb up from Telkot.

These hikers never cease to surprise me! They are now moving down the damp, slippery terraces downhill from Telkot Bazaar. Some guys are already a good distance ahead of the others, taking snaps, laughing aloud, jumping, whistling… I can hear the echoes of their laughter from up here. The girls look uncomfortable with the path, but there are some guys helping them. Well everyone seems to be elated though, to be away from the city. The men at the front have already crossed the small stream. One of the older men drops some ambushing stones along the trail into the stream, just to make it easy for the others.

The hikers have now crossed the river – “Ghatte Khola” and are walking along the vast potato field (Alubari) at Palubari. They had been here last time too. However, this time they take different turn. Moreover, they have found a different idea of having fun as well – luring dogs with biscuits. What might be so interesting with playing with others dogs? Well they seem to be enjoying it, so it must be out of my understanding. They even photographed that lean, lonely parrot sitting on an electricity cable. These guys never notice me, what a pity!

The jungle in the hills is full of a variety of trees, mostly “Salla”- the pine trees, there are some Laliguras too scattered here and there – which will bloom blood red flowers as soon as the winter is over. This is where the army train their soldiers at some occasions. But today there is no training – the trenches are all covered up, and there’re no army men to be seen around. The hikers move up along the narrow trail among the pine trees, along a straight path at the top, to an open area. I can hear them shout some names from there. What’s going on? Oh I see, three of them are already ahead along a different route! I thought that was the route they were taking. Anyways, the three men return to join the group and after a little rest start to move again. A little ahead, they stop again. A nice, sloppy ground, with a beautiful view of the valley and the mountains. I knew they would stop here! Oh, they have brought some food with them too. Great! But better take those litter with you.

The hike’s nearly over now, I wonder if they are going to a school. I can see schoolchildren returning to their homes. There still some students at the school, they will have to move fast.

After the climb uphill, I can see some people hurrying ahead towards the school. The others join them a little later at the school. They meet with some teachers and start distributing the copies and pencils to the students playing at the front. They even went to a classroom.

The hikers drag themselves towards the van waiting for them at the Nagarkot Bazaar. I think the hiking is over now, it is still a long ride downhill and I am not going to watch that van all along. That is all folks; hope to see you again next week.

Hills from Baluwapati

School Board

Students with D2 Notebook and Pencil

Mahesh and Shailee handling Notebooks and Pencils to Students

Students from Other class

Hikers in School Ground

Cauliflower from Nagarkot


Just for change we opened the Champagne

Green field from Kharipati


Fan of the Hawa Ghar

Uttarpani Village

Old age

Thoughtful Kapil

Head and Tail

Mahesh and Manoj – Face to face 😉

On the right Mr. Mahesh with his Camera

The Trail and Bhaam in Blues

Light and Shade Trail

On top of Kattike – BABA in his business

View from Hawa Ghar

Shailee is in wrong direction

Pine forest from Telkot

Breakfast of the HawaG

Visitors of the HawaG

The friend indeed is friend in need…

Climbing Down from Telkot

4 Heroes in their own poses

Climbing up from Palubari

Oranges from Palubari

Gopi Krishna Ko? – Mimic

Green Wheat and Potato Field

Can you touch the nose with your tongue – The Game of BABA…

Vishnu with earphone, camera and water 😉

Hikers follow me…

View from Uttar Danda

This time i am doing exercise …

Manoj The Rookie

B & B on top of the Hill

BABA sharing discourse

The Hero of the Hiking

The cottage that offered us meal of the day

Oh… BABA still…

Tidy field of the Palubari

Vishnu left alone

Hey!!! Come down

Along the Ghatte River

Nice and easy Trail

Manpareko Manchhele Chimateko = Hiking

Potato beds

There is the Telkot

Colorful spirit

Palubari Valley

Na umraka sima ho na janma ka bandan

Dandas from Nepal

Little Rest

Towards Uttarpani

They grew too Fast

Shailee says she loves this village house


Peaches flower

Hikers’ Dharas (Uttarpani Bhane ko Yahee ho)

Entering to the Jungle

Surendra with His fore finger

Nature’s Net

Little Fun

Challenges ask you to take your place

View from Kattike

Munching Time

Walking in the Kattike Hill

Trail in the Kattike Hill

BABA ko WAI WAI Famous

Ladies sharing their secret

And BABAs Laughing at

One of the resort in Nagarkot Range

Tourist with her Camera

Looking down at Kattike Bazzar

The Trail Tells The History

Happy Feet in Blue Jeans