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Teej ko Lahar

263.Teej ko Lahar
Photo By: Nishchal Shrestha
Posted Date: 2nd September

Teej is a hindu festival unlike any other. It celebrates perhaps the most important of all human relation – that between a husband and wife. It’s religious significance comes from devotion of Goddess Parvati for her husband Lord Shiva. It was on this day that the divine couple reunited with each other after hundreds of years. Womenfolk commemorate this mythological event by observing a day-long fast for the well-being and long-life of their husband.

Besides this it is also a day for the women to take a break from their daily chores. Today they get to dress in their best red traditional clothings and finest jewelry. No wonder, women celebrate the festival with such great enthusiasm. Several programs are held throughout Nepal where only women gather, sing songs, dance and enjoy themselves. This pictures tries to capture the spirit of this most special of days, a day for these great mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends.

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-LIN Editor

0 thoughts on “Teej ko Lahar

  1. Any street of Kathmandu whether it’s bustling ‘Ason’ or busy ‘New Road’, they are always full of dramas for any keen photographer to click pictures. I know it sounds so easy thing but it’s not that easy thing. For this, you must own a pair of photographer’s eyes to find your ‘subjects’. I know this experience can be frustrating not having this sense to predict your ‘subject’ but hang on. It takes some time and perseverance for you to develop such eyes of photographer. There are also other factors which certainly intimidate you to get those shots well. And I tell you what festival like ‘Teej’ is definitely a good moment for you to develop eyes of a photographer.

    Nischal must have clicked this picture in hurry and this is the reason why composition looks imbalanced and has not particular focus attention. He should have spent some more time to find ‘subject’ or interesting movement of those dancing women to compose.

    Keep clicking and try ‘candid photography’. A candid photo is basically a photo of a person, or group of people, that is natural and unposed. I know result always will amaze you. 🙂

  2. Women respect their man too much, inreturn they are misbehaved. Man also should have such festival in respect to women.

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