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Taudaha.. on the way to Dakshinkali..

253. Taudaha.. on the way to Dakshinkali..
Photo By: Ravi Sharma
Posted Date: Aug 14 2008

Description: The lake was created by God Manjushree as a home for the serpents who lost their home when the valley was drained. This place has a history that God Manjushree cut off the mountain peak at Chobhar by forming a gorge to evacuate the water from the lake, making it suitable for habitation and eventually the human civilization is believed to set up in the valley.
People come to visit this place at NaagPanchami as well.

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  1. Thank you all for your precious votes to my pic….

    I’m really very happy and honoured that my picture was selected for the EU photo of the month.

    @ Shutterbug :- This really encouraged me to click shutter more often. Your comment has really pumped up my adrenaline and hope that i’ll come up with even more and even better clicks here in LIN and hopefully it will be more enthralling than this time.

    once again thanks to all šŸ™‚

  2. CONTRATULATION Ravi. Hope this pat on your back gonna encourage you to click shutter more often and we get to see more entries here in LIN from your side. Keep it up buddy.

  3. nice pic bro,
    was hoping that u would win and you did. Congrats. So when is the party Cool dude.

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