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Tastes of Candy

293. Tastes of Candy
Photo By: Shutterbug
Post Date: Nov 7, 2008

Description: Two local girls (Punam and Sarswoti Gurung) of Jagat, Lamjung savoring candy from California. We met them on our way to Chamje. I simply cherish the moment of their expressions of joy in their innocent faces.

It’s a common sight to see these local children swarming around trekkers asking for pen and sweet. A friend of mine who brought bag full of candies became very popular as ‘A Candy Girl’ on trail of Annapurna Round. It’s a thoughtful idea to take along some stationary and candies for children while going trek in Nepal, which opens doors to intermingle with locals and learn their lifestyle.

13 thoughts on “Tastes of Candy

  1. Dear Rai
    Thank your for your inspiring words, which I take as ‘a pat on my back’ for doing my job well.
    Besides a photojournalist, I am one very optimistic and proud Nepali, who believes in making this country Nepal a better place to live in. And it’s VERY possible because there are people like you to support such hope.

    And yes I don’t care for those comments which have no integrity.

  2. This is a nice pic that u have taken. well being a nepali i hate to see the poverty surrounding us but, we’ve gotta accept that fact. we’ve gotta look at this carefully as this pics are our mirrors and well gotta clean this up… not complain because some people messed it up. we have our right to do and get things changed. this pics are inspiring rather than intimidating. good job shutterbug. hope u had a good trip in nepal… hope some stupid punks didn’t disappoint u.

  3. DreamSky! Thank you for doing this careful review of my pictures. Without a doubt my beat in photography is ‘Women and Children’ and I am pretty comfortable working with them.

    Yes I have some good collection of children’s pictures which I hope to share among you guys here in EU someday. Of course ‘Life is Beautiful’ and I can’t afford to loose single second not celebrating it. Thank you for inspiring and getting inspire.

    Dear ‘A Nepali’ I agree and respect your sentiments. This is true that we Nepalese are richer in many aspects, and we need to be proud for that. Please don’t take individual comments of this picture as an interpretation of negative notion. Thank you for your honest comment.

  4. Another candid catch!

    I knew Shutterbug would comeup wid one of these kind-of-shots from his trip 🙂

    I just reviewed the ‘kind-of-shots’ Shutterbug loves to take … 🙂

    Smile from Lakuri Bhanjyang

    Reflection Amusement

    Budding Shutterbug

    Gaze of Innocence

    Giggling Girls

    Robbed Childhood

    Lali Gurans On Sale

    Republic Plunge

    Holi Off Tracked


    We can guess many are there still unpublished.

    Shutterbug, ur photographs capturing the children have always been wonderful. Personally, I see that part of ur photography much more powerful than a pure photojournalistic take you mostly talk about.

    I can still remember how strong my feelings were when I first saw ur photography – Smile from Lakuri Bhanjyang. If I hafta choose one out of the above list . .. I will chose that one.

    Cheers! to you for celebrating life this way….

  5. this happens not only in Nepal. even kids in US and Europe would do the same thing when they are given a piece of a candy. kids are crazy about sweets no matter how rich they are. good try, but do not try to interpret that we in Nepal are poor just because two kids are crazy about a piece of candy. actually, we are richer than people from western world becasue we are happier.

  6. This pic shows poverty in Nepal. – just looking from different angle. Good pic – and good concept. Well done.

  7. Sangesh! Thanks for the coment. It’s a kind of nuts candy which you can see on Punam’s right hand (red t-shirt). And yes expression on Sarswoti face looks as if she is finding it hard to take a bite. I guess it’s because of the excitement she is having for tasting a differnt kind of candy. Or may be she has no idea whether it’s a soft of hard candy.

    And also see how Sarswoti stick chewing gum in her index finger so that she can chew it again after finishing the candy.

  8. Was it just a candy or a Jawbreaker Candy ? seems like the girl in pink got a jaw breaker. Her expression is like she is having some hard substance.

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