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Talks and the Congress Unification

It has been more than five months after the partial democracy restored and the peace talks were initiated. But people still do not feel the future secured. It seems that the ruling 7 party alliance and the Maoists have not realized people’s expectations who shed their blood during the Jan andolan –II against the autocratic Royal regime. It’s the time for the leaders to be serious to materialize the dreams of the Jana Aandolan –II martyrs

The issue of Monarchy’s position and the arms management is sold as a hot cake to the national as well as the international media. If we analyzed deeply, it’s not the king’s position that the Nepali Congress fears, but the defeat in the constituent assembly polls. The Nepali Congress only wants to delay the talks so as to prolong the transition and the Girija government. To avert the fear of defeats in the election, both the congress faction are running smoothly, putting much flexibility to each other for unification. So that the unified congress can stand strong enough to gain victory in the constituent assembly. Thus the Maoist problems will remain unsolved until and unless the congress unification process completed.

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