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Portrait of a Multitasking Mind: Scientific American

We can do multitasking while driving, working, loving, caring, nurturing, protecting, memorizing, walking, running, concentrating, reading, writing, and practicing. It seems that chronic media-multitaskers are more susceptible to distractions. Heavy media multitaskers performed worse on task switching than light media multitaskers. We all know Hindu Goddesses with 1000 of hands doing multiple things at a […]



OSCN2009 in the media

Kantipur TV News aired the information related to Open Software Challenge Nepal 2009. For your convenience, we have posted the excerpt below. Please check it. A talk show about ‘Open Software Challenge Nepal 2009’ was hosted in the one and only IT program CyberTime at Kantipur FM. OSCN team is sincerely thankful to RJ Shishya […]