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Deerwalk QA Team Outing

Deerwalk QA Team Outing
Being the organizers of the first ever QA Team Building Outing from Deerwalk was a wonderful experience in itself. The much anticipated Team Building outing with high expectations of fun and games was scheduled for 13th- 14th July, 2012. Finally on 13th of July, we headed towards Balthali Village Resort from the Deerwalk office premises at around 4:00 pm. Passing through the dusty roads of Kathmandu, we reached Panauti, where we were welcomed by a little drizzle.

Raunak Tuladhar


Q2 – QA Team Building Party @Nagarkot (Paradise inn)

QA Team Building

I was so happy because I got the chance to join the Team Building Party within some weeks at D2. Many of our team members have already departed for the destination in van but I along with some of my cluster members were going on a bike. It was so much fun in the way driving in the Spiral road of Nagarkot. As soon as we joined the team in the hotel, it was time for snacks and drinks. We all enjoyed it.



D2 Football League – Gameweek 11 – QA Bigfoots Vs. D2 Devilz

Devilz were heading towards lifting the title, leaving everyone far behind. It was a perfect situation to move one step closer to laying their hands on the trophy. Consequently, it was a do-or-die situation for the Bigfoots. A win would’ve surely ended the hopes of the rest to challenge the Devilz for the title. Neither […]

Lava Kafle


Don’t Unit Test Anymore… No, Really! by Chris Wash on Feb.17, 2009, under Java, Software Engineering

So please, don’t fire your QA department just yet. Their job is still important, even if you unit test. There is a vast difference between the gamut of possible automated tests one could write and what is known colloquially as a unit test. A number of different kinds of automated tests are written against frameworks […]