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School of Care

Life is confusing even for us who are considered ‘normal’ and can think and
function on our own. So no wonder it is a big puzzle for those who do not have
the intelligence other people their age have. And it gets harder for them
when they are not treated with affection and the care that they require
and instead are looked upon as a burden to the family and society.



Bouquet of Happiness

Costa Rica has been declared the happiest country in the planet earth. It has topped the HPI chart (Happy Planet Index). Nepal is standing at 37 with the HPI score of 51.6. Interesting enough, large and developed countries like USA and UK are found at the bottom of the chart (USA at 114 and UK at 74). In the indexer’s words “The Happy Planet Index reveals the ecological efficiency with which human well-being is delivered. The index combines environmental impact with human well-being to measure the environmental efficiency with which, country by country, people live long and happy lives.” Like one of my friends comment, I think what it essential means is the index of ‘living in harmony’.
With all this in mind I recalled the feelings I had last month when I was in my remote village Majuwa at Bhojpur. No road, no electricity, my village is really deprived by the Nation’s development process. But in the other side,…



EU Felicitation program – May 2008

Ever since its inception in January 2006 as a regular news portal, EverestUncensored.org has come a long way to the current phase of EU New Design, with lots of restructuring, enhancements and enrichments. EU has always had a strong belief in creativity, innovation and the liberal exchange of diverse views and opinions. Following the same belief, EU has added many remarkable features to its domain within a few months of its commencement, namely Life in Nepal, EU Photo Blog, EU Polls and so on.