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We, the organizers have not only donated our hard earned cash in different outlets at different times, but also thought to bind diverse team members who have contributed in our teams directly or indirectly via Partying which is the strongest phenomenon these days. Please refer to http://ingeniousinterplay.com/ Namaste! We would like to invite you to […]



MoMo and much more

MomoWhen i started working, we had 1 full hour of lunch break. I often used to go for lunch with my colleagues in nearby restaurants. We didn’t consider a restaurant, as good one unless it serves hot momo, almost every type of restaurant has a common entry in their menu and obviously that’s Momo, my favorite Momo. We used to go though menu two, three times, spent more time to decide on menu than to eat that, no consensus used to be reached unless we decide on momo, my favorite momo.