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RYW Read-Your-Writes consistency explained | DBMS2 — DataBase Management System Services

EverestuncensoredMuch technology goes into eventual consistency, as well as into the data distribution and polling in the first place. And in tunable systems, the choices of N, R, and W — perhaps on a “table” by “table” basis — can get pretty interesting. I’m ducking all those subjects for now, however, not least because of how much I still have to learn about them.



Corporate Triathalon 2009

Crowning Glory!!!!!!!Swimming Competition with guys!!! Huh, I was really tensed and somewhat excited. It was my first experience in competing with guys. At the spot whenever I saw the opponent swimmers I felt like they were pro swimmers and I would not be able to beat them. “If My Team Lose Game Because of Me” this thought was striking my mind every second. But, as soon as the game started, my confidence level boosted. I felt like “Yes I can do it!” To complete 6 laps was fine but the toughest moment for me was to jump out of the pool. I was like stuck in the middle and was not able to push myself out of the pool. Finally, I rolled out and ran towards Suresh to handover my tag.