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Hiking from Daman to Simbhanjyang

Hiking from Daman to SimbhanjyangWe reach to Daman around 11 and the real hike began. The final destination was Simbhanjyang around 5 km from Daman. The rain was slowing our pace, as we had to stop couple of times. No one except Lava had the power to challenge the rain and move inside the mist. It was cold and rain was making it much difficult to make our way to Simbhanjyang. Equally, it seems weather had no mercy on us and we were left with no option but to follow Lava. Due to the rain and low visibility, we didn’t get to enjoy much at Simbhanjyang. We all gathered at a small tea café and had cup of hot tea. Nevertheless, we all were surprised after getting one more “Pandey” who owns the café. After having small chat with Pandey, we all headed towards van and soon we were in Daman.