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System for Naya Nepal

Nepal is struggling to get on its feet, trying to stand up for the people. And for the sake of Nepalese and the feel for the need of radical changes has led us to successfully organize the most awaited Constitution Assembly election. The result came out as shocking to many when the Maoist grabbed the big chunk. And now, as the CA poll is over, people are waiting and watching, hoping and wishing for New Nepal. We hear a lot on how Nepal would look in next 20 years but we need to make sure we’ve a vision, detail planning and steps defined, on how to achieve the goal.

And how could EU stay away from an opportunity like this where we could reach people and know how they feel about the new ruling system in the nation, and EU conducted a poll regarding their favorite ruling system. The outcome was interesting. Almost half of the total voters supported for Active Presidency Democratic Republic system while Ceremonial presidency and Ceremonial Monarchical system were voted as the second most likely way of governance. There were also some who liked Monarchical system.

With fear and joy in our heart, with wish to make better future for our future generation, we must act as one. Though this country is facing many problems, problems that seem to never end, we must have faith. We must act wisely.

No matter which type of government is formed, whichever party led the poll; all we want is stability in this nation. We want a government who can reach to people and address their problems, who can work hands on hands with international allies, who can best define the aura of New Nepal. Let’s hope, let’s pray and let’s be together to make a difference.

Poll Outcome:
Which system do you want to see in Naya Nepal after CA poll?
• Democratic Republic (Active presidency) (44%)
• Democratic Republic (Ceremonial presidency) (25%)
• Ceremonial Monarchical System (25%)
• Monarchical System (6%)

System for New Nepal

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