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Sweta Karna US Travel – 2018

Travelling places is always fun for memories and experiences we collect and what better than the United States in October 2018 which was exciting in every ways.

Qatar Airways took off at 2 AM from Kathmandu, transited through Doha and took me to Boston. Doha transit was amazing for me to see range of diverse people, languages and yes dresses. Transit was not long enough but I did catch up with family and friends from there. Me being a chatterbox kind of person, I managed to have interesting chat with travel companions from Singapore and the US which is now a days difficult with our smartphones in hand. After easy immigration at Boston airport, I got picked up by Abanish Dai [in spite of being work day] and reached Ashay’ residence. Ashay was my host for the month. Unlike my last visit in winter 2014, it was colorful autumn in Boston this time and Ashay was married.

I did not get chance to overcome my jet lag but got super excited to be at work in Lexington Office and what a warm welcome from everyone !!! Deerwalk growth was correctly reflected in the United states with bigger workplace, more colleagues and busier days.

It was good learning experience to be at work from the US office with more exposure to client level challenges, client meetings. Lunchtime and walk was fun with everyone in the office and gateway to shop with Mukta was utilization of time of my short visit. I tried my best to contribute to my abilities and add value.

Being spectator to Basketball game with Sanjeev[Ticket courtesy – Dave Hansen], weekends gateway to New york, Chicago and Madison were beautiful memories of the trip. Chicago was beautiful and Madison was family trip where I celebrated Nepalese festival Dashain [home away from home]. Everyone took their time out of busy schedules to invite me for lunch and dinner which is beauty of being in Deerwalk – Passion for work and people. I am thankful to everyone in the US office and Deerwalk for this opportunity and experience

Amazing cuisines, beautiful places, lovely people and I just wished I had my husband and children around me to enjoy everything together. But, we should always have some reason to revisit the beautiful place and I have one!!!

[Sweta Karna, Director of Data Operations at Deerwalk Services Pvt Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from October 1 to October 31, 2018]

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