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Sweet Day Dreaming

276. Sweet Day Dreams
Photo By: Junu Shrestha
Posted Date: 26th September

“I’ve got dreams – dreams to remember”.

Dreams – who doesn’t see them. It is perhaps the one feeling, the one freedom that we all enjoy, young – old, rich – poor, everyone dreams don’t they.Dreams are often a response to our daily thoughts, activities and sensations. They are often, then, a reflection of what has consumed our minds in the preceding day or two. Dreams are apparently a necessary part of our being.

This picture was taken in Basantapur. We see a richshaw driver sleeping ever so soundly during the day time. We usually see them around the Basantapur, Thamel area where mostly the Tourist enjoy these rides. May be there weren’t any passengers, so he took a quick Nap.

One can only wonder what is going through his mind. May be he is dreaming his Rickshaw carrying passengers the full day and earning a generous pay, may be he is dreaming of having a taxi to drive (hehe), may be he is dreaming about the new clothes he is gonna buy for his family, maybe he is dreaming for a bright future for his children, may be he is dreaming for a better Nepal.

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-LIN Editor

0 thoughts on “Sweet Day Dreaming

  1. Much respect to you Shutterbug for strengthening each faltering steps of budding shutterbugs here. Most of the experts like you just dont care to spend their time and effort.

    About the photograph – Candid catch but somewhat loosely executed.

  2. Well effort Junu and it is an obvious ‘candid shot’. I know it’s rare to get a second chance with candid photography but rickshaw driver was in deep nap giving you ample time to move around and check which view of angel would make your picture the best. Never just stand and click pictures at normal perspective, putting your subject in dead center. You could enhance the picture above by going few steps back to right from the point where you were standing and compose picture including all three wheels. It would help you to show how uneasy it was to sleep in rickshaw and yet he was having such a sound sleep.

    Caption of this picture is okay but the description is too long. It’s always better to let picture tells the story itself not by your description. And yes be formal while you write for platform like LIN.

    If you wish to publish your picture in postcard never allow your camera to imprint the date in your pictures. Postcard Companies won’t accept it and moreover it looks so awful and distracts the viewer’s attention.

    Good luck for better photography. This Shutterbug will wait to comment on your second picture here in LIN.

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