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Sushant Pandey’s US Visit

Having never placed my foot outside the country I had never been in an airplane, the day was January 1st, few of my friends and some of my colleagues were at the Tribhuwan airport to see me off to my journey to Boston. The plane flew around 7:30 PM, and the first flight to Doha was exciting with me enjoying the flight, the second flight was not so enjoyable though, with additional 5 hours in transit waiting in Doha I had 11 hours of sleepless flight from Doha through New York which was my port of entry. After going through the custom with few hiccups where I had to lose several packets of wai wai noodles I had got for colleagues in US office I successfully entered the United States. I had wished all the flying had ended there but there was still one more flight to Boston which got delayed and I finally reached Boston at 2 PM. I checked my baggage from Logan Airport at Boston and took a taxi straight to Deerwalk office to Lexington. I reached Deerwalk office at 3 PM, I was tired with all the travelling but the warm welcome I received from everyone at the Deerwalk office gave me a bit of energy, I formally introduced myself to everyone and after that Smriti di made me a very bitter coffee with the sweetest of gesture, after which Bipul dai, Prayash departed to a house appropriately named B1 Palace at Waltham where I stayed until my visit.

I started going to the office from the very next day, our usual routine was to wake up early get some breakfast and wait for Bipul Dai to get us a lift to the office, for the reason which Bipul’s dai luxurious car was named B1 Bus Sewa. At the office I worked on whatever used to be my responsibility at Nepal’s office and additionally I had to sit through client calls for caremanager as well.

Sitting through all the meetings with the clients I got to see how the US team sets priority on the tasks assigned to us and it further cleared my views on the definition of Immediate & Urgent.

Sitting through all the meetings with the clients I got to see how the US team sets priority on the tasks assigned to us and it further cleared my views on the definition of Immediate & Urgent. I also got a chance to sit in the KPI meetings on 11 AM every Friday, I understood the concept of KPI initially but sitting through the meetings I got to be the part of the discussion on how well or bad the product delivered by Deerwalk was doing and it gave me a few insights on how we can further improve the performance of the product as a whole.

Thanks to all the wonderful people I got to enjoy the weekend to its best, the ice skating with Bipul dai, the road trip to Vegas, Los Angeles, Sanfransisco with Manish dai and Saroj dai; I believe is among very enjoyable holidays Pratik, Prayash and I. The 2-day road trip I had with the guys is among the best time I had and will be a memory I will cherish throughout my life and would like to specially thank Manish dai for organizing such an event.

My last week at the states was a very busy one, I had packing to complete there were few souvenirs left to be picked up for my friends and families and I got invitation to several houses for dinner as well. Mukta didi and Smriti di took me out for lunch on Tuesday on a restaurant called Margaritas where I got to try some Mexican delicacies, I really enjoyed the food and food names there. The very next day I along with Pratik and Prayash were invited to Muna Bhauju’s home for dinner where we got to enjoy a warm hospitality and a very good meal ended by a tasty dessert. Next day again we got to visit Smriti di’s home for dinner, there we were constantly entertained by her little daughter Pratisma and also got a chance to play with some of her toys. Smriti di’s husband Prashant made us a really tasty homemade burger for the meal and took us home after the dinner. My very last day all of us from Deerwalk went out to a Japanese restaurant for a buffet lunch, although the food wasn’t as good as expected, the company around was really awesome. And later that evening I departed for my flight back to Nepal.

My experience to US was very good, and I got to see how a majorly developed country functions to some extent, the road system I felt was exceptionally good, and architecture overall was engineered to perfection. The people around seemed polite and always minded their own business. The tall skyscrapers and market around were astonishing and landmark overall the places I got to visit were a thing of beauty. One thing I have a complaint about the US is the price tag in the shopping places, the marked rate price in any item in the store are not the actual price you pay at the counter, once the item gets to the counter its price gets increased by several taxes and gratuity applied, but I have to say that although misleading it is an ingenious marketing strategy.

I would rate my visit to US as an exceptionally excellent learning and enjoyable experience, I am very thankful to all the hospitality and friendliness shown by the US team over all and am very glad for the experience. I only hope I get a similar opportunity sometime very soon .

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