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Suresh’s Visit to the US

When I learnt that my visit to the US was planned for Nov 3, I was truly excited as it would be my first visit to the country. I reached Boston airport at 10:30 PM after experiencing the weariness of changing flights and hours inside them. After a short wait outside the airport, a familiar face (thanks to skype) appeared before me and he was none other than Sanjeev Tuladhar. I had heard from previous visitors that he was easygoing and helpful, and that was undeniably true. I learnt lots of things from him including some cooking tips and, yes, he really cooks well.

The daily schedule on weekdays went something like this: going to office, working for some hours before lunch, working with continued focus after lunch; observing the darkness fall early, watching the television at the apartment before connecting with the Nepal team over Skype till almost midnight, and getting some sleep before starting all over again. One of the most interesting thing for me was seeing everyone bring lunchboxes from home and sharing their food while casually conversing with each other during lunch.

Weekends were really enjoyable and entertaining: exploring new places, shopping around different malls, learning the cultural differences, meeting new people and old friends, and playing, eating, drinking, laughing, and dancing. Thanks to Muna Pandey, Rudra Pandey, Mabi Singh, Sanjeev Tuladhar and Smriti Shrestha for making me a part of these events.

Recollecting all the wonderful experiences during my US visit, I’d like to thank Deerwalk for the opportunity. It was helpful for me personally and professionally in many ways. The various discussions on improving our existing products and processes were really productive, and I’ve already started implementing some of the suggestions.

The visit was most fruitful in the sense that I got a chance to meet the US team members in person and learn about their views, vision and expectation from the Nepal Team. They are working hard to grow our business and the only way we can move forward is working together, overcoming the distances that separate the two teams. The teams may be far apart geographically but the goals are the same and it’s truly amazing how far we have come.

Suresh SureshM1
At Times Square, New York At Lower Manhattan, New York

Suresh Maharjan, Engineering Manager, was at Deerwalk’s US office from Nov 13 to Dec 5, 2013

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