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Suraj Pant’s US Visit

My journey from Kathmandu began on November 22 and, after flying for more than 24 hours, I reached Boston. Since I had heard that it is very cold in Boston during winter, I had packed my luggage with warm clothes and snow boots. I hoped that there would be snow when I reached Boston but when my plane landed I was quite sad to realize that I was the only person at the airport wearing winter gear. Anyway, my sadness turned to happiness when I met Sanjeev Tuladhar and Manish Luintel who took me to Sanjeev’s apartment.

The next day, I went to the office in Lexington and happily met our US team members. The US office was like a little Nepal in Massachusetts. People were always ready to share knowledge and answer questions. I learned lots of new things.

It was a short visit but I was able to experience Thanksgiving, late night Black Friday shopping, Christmas lights, the rush of New York and the atmosphere of Washington DC. I will miss the morning milk-tea and lunch-time gossip of the Lexington office.

It never snowed throughout my visit but I am glad that I got the chance to feel the warmth of the US. I would like to thank Sanjeev and Sagar Adhikari for the great hospitality and Deerwalk for providing me with this opportunity.

Times Square, Manhattan, New York
Times Square, Manhattan, New York

President's Park, Washington, D.C.
President’s Park, Washington, D.C.

[Suraj Raj Pant, Associate Software QA Manager, visited Deerwalk Lexington Office from Nov 22 to Dec 24, 2015.]

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