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Suraj Ghimire’s US Visit

For me, the official visit to the US was a “much-anticipated trip of my career.”

Whenever I went through my colleagues’ US visit blogs in everestuncensored.org, I always wanted to experience how things were in the US. Putting down all the memories into words about that one month of my life was what I had wanted to do for a long time.

After a long and exhausting flight, I was excited to grab my luggage and head toward the hotel. But before that, I had the window’s slider up to get the first glimpse of the US. The eagle view of Boston, MA made me emotional, to be honest. I had mixed feelings and even got goosebumps as my thoughts wandered from exploring nature to ports to beaches to cities. Words can’t describe what I was going through at that moment. The US has always been my dreamland. Despite a few rejections from the US Embassy in the past when I was trying to pursue my future education, I was more mature and adequate with a clear goal. I should thank Deerwalk for this wonderful opportunity.

At the airport exit process, I had an easy conversation with the immigration officer, and then I was on the way to the hotel. I felt lucky to have escaped the pollution of Kathmandu at least for some time, and the visit was a much-needed break. I was thinking about the big day the day later: my first day at the US office. I was not exactly nervous but excited to meet everyone in person. My friends gave me a very warm welcome at the hotel, and I still feel fortunate about it.

I love our Lexington office, where I met almost all the US employees, and I feel really good about it. What I felt was meeting in person rather than communicating via emails or other media works better and helps to build a strong professional relationship that eventually is a plus point for the organization itself. We had lunch at a Chinese restaurant that afternoon, and I started feeling sleepy after a while. I could not figure out whether it was because of overeating, jet lag, or the unstoppable party we had the night before.

In Boston, I did not find traffic that bad, and life was kind of really smooth; not the kind of rush we are used to back home. I found Boston to be an amazing place despite being one of the most expensive states of the US. I was lucky that I was there during September because the weather was just right. Moreover, the hotel-stay gave us a completely different kind of experience. I would say that the overall US visit was a memorable and productive trip for me.

The primary objective of my visit, however, was to attend an online course for CISSP (Certified Information System Security Professional) for a week and grasp as much as I could about IT and security: two much-needed fields in today’s IT world. I would like to disseminate eventually the things I learned during my training in the Deerwalk gradually.

I had plenty of opportunities to explore many aspects of the country, the lives of people, their culture, the working environment and much more. Not to mention that I liked the Jalapeño bagel that arrived warm and fresh at the office once a week. I still crave for it.

[Suraj Ghimire, Compliance Officer at Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from August 21, 2019 to September 30, 2019]