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Supari Dine

312. Supari Dine
Photo By: Sangesh Shrestha
Posted Date: 17th December

This picture was taken during my sisters’s wedding. It was a newari wedding function, where supari (Areca nut) is given to all the relatives by the bride. She then finally gives one to her father signifying that she is about to leave his home.

In this picture we can see a delicate moment between the bride and the father. Father is trying to leave bride’s hand but she is reluctant to do so.

8 thoughts on “Supari Dine

  1. Not a Great Shot…… Good Moment.. but no Dramatics at all.. if this was taken by a mobile phone then its ok . BUT looks like you have a DSLR……

    Seriously…. is this the best you can do with a DSLR?

  2. Really beautiful hands.. One with the colors of new hopes and enthusiasm.. other with the sign of intellect and experience… and of course, both hands full of Love.

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