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Hiking from Sundarijal to Gagalphedi

Figure1: Way to Gagalphedi and Sankhu from Sundarijal
Photos by: Milan Lamichhane
Captions by: Vishnu Kshettri

Figure2: New Prayer Flag on top of Bagmati River

Figure3: Bagmati River

Figure4: Boulder from Bagmati

Figure5: Sundarijal fertile land

Figure6: the other part

Figure7: Wild beauty from Shivpuri wild park

Figure8: once again

Figure9: Kumar enjoying…

Figure10: The Natural beauty

Figure11: Hikers on the way to Gagalphedi

Figure12: View of Sankhu

Figure13: Blue and Purple combination from Shivapuri

Figure14: One of the fall in Shivapuri

Figure15: Kakro time for hikers

Figure16: Other joins Kumar and Prashanta

Figure17: Valley of Shankhu

Figure18: Dead and Live

Figure19: Young fern

Figure20: Paddy Terrace

Figure21: PawanP, Kumar and Mahesh from left

Figure22: In the paddy field of Gagalphedi

Figure23: View of the Bagmati from Gagalphedi

Figure24: again time for Kakro

Figure25: Shree enjoying the pears too…

Figure26: Traditional house

Figure27: Mane hill

Figure28: Nagmati

Figure29: Water mill at the bank of Nagmati

Figure30: Dragon Fly (Jyalincha)

Figure31: Surendra Looking for fish

Figure32: The Dancing Nagmati

Figure33: Vishnu having Massage

Figure34: Keshav BABA in the Water

Figure35: The grinder of the water mill

Figure36: Dam at the Sundarijal

Figure37: Another look

Figure38: Shiva Linga

Figure39: Sundarijal Town

Figure40: Way to Mulkharka

Figure41: Bagmati…

Figure42: Lava, Kumar and Shree from (l to r)

Figure43: Bhaskar and Vishnu in front

Figure44: Returing from wrong direction

Figure45: On the right trail

Figure46: waiting for Nilesh

Figure47: Sundarijal bypass road

Figure48: The ascend

Figure49: The Trails

Figure50: Paddy and soybean

Figure51: Terrace at Gagalphedi

Figure52: The Lonely Tree

Figure53: Hikers in march pass

Figure54: Local Fuel supply

Figure55: At the summit of the Gagalphedi

Figure56: The Fall

Figure57: Descend from Mulkharka

98 thoughts on “Hiking from Sundarijal to Gagalphedi

  1. All the photos reveal the diverse richness of our mother nature. There is no doubt that these are the real gifts from God which should be well preserved in their true form. I agree with Dr.Rudra Pandey that a picture can tell hundreds of stories depending upon how we interpret them. Congratulations on being pathfinder of ascends and descends of Gagalphedi to Mulkharka. When you land up next in Kathmandu from Boston to start on a trial to such exciting places, I would love to accompany you with my digital webcam.
    Rajendra B.Shrestha/98510-41401

  2. Please look at these photos very closely. It shows the richness and diversity of our culture. These natural beauties are gift from god. The day will come when people will be pouring to our little country to see these beauties provided we preserve them. There is nothing wrong to have walking trail instead of gigantic highways as long as we can feed ourselves. At least, we do not have obesity problems like the way U.S. is facing with massive healthcare cost because of two third of its population are obese. I like photos because a picture can tell hundreds of stories depending upon how we interpret them.

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