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Sundarijal Hiking

Route Sundarijal>Okhreni
Date Sunday (May 27, 2018)
Hiking Duration 4 hrs
Coordinator Sriviya Poudel and Sanjay Sanjel
Participants Alisha Pathak, Arika Joshi, Ayush Raj Sedhai, Dhiraj Dhungana, Dipal Malla, Kusal Bista, Malika Adhikari, Nabina Khadka, Nikesh Kalu, Rachana Banjade, Raman Pandey, Sabin Pathak, Sabina Shrestha, Sanjay Sanjel, Shiva Tripathi, Sriviya poudel, Sushil Awale
Report By
Photos By Ayush Raj Sedhai, Dipal Malla and Kushal Bista
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey

Arika JoshiArika Joshi

On 27Th of May, DWIT Hiking Club organized a one-day hike from Sundarijal to KapanGumba. All the 17 hikers were really excited for the hike as we were going to the coolest places in Nepal where one can have wild thrill and hiking experience. All of us were set to experience this wonderful activity of walking in nature. All the hikers gathered at Deerwalk Campus at around 6:45 am. We had our breakfast at the small restaurant on the way to Sundarijal. The hike was started from the checkpoint of Sundarijal at around 8am.

Sundarijal is such a beautiful place where you can see spectacular view and enjoy the nature. On the way, we enjoyed the greenery all around and the most beautiful waterfalls. All the hikers were super excited when they saw these waterfalls. So, we all jumped into it. The waterfalls provide a good place for swimming in the natural pools. We all played and some of them started swimming in the fall for around 1 hour. This made us more tired for the hike. After this we moved to our next destination Okhreni. We all really enjoyed viewing the beautiful nature. The river, dense forest, waterfall, stone carvings and the carvings are the major attractions in Sundarijal. In between in our hike, we stopped and rested for a short lunch viewing the natural scenic beauty. Then again, the hike began. We moved through the dense forest where there were many ups and downs on the way. We moved to the uphill to see the gorgeous mountains. As the forest was dense, we could not reach up the hill and returned the same way. Then finally at about 7pm we reached down at Sundarijal and got to our bus. After the tiring and very fun hike, all of us were very hungry so we stopped at Lete, Tangal to have our dinner.

Overall all of us really enjoyed the exhausting and tiring yet fun hike.

Nikesh KaluNikesh Kalu

Our hike can be related to the quote “You need mountains; long staircases don’t make good hikers”. As we choose the mountain routes rather than the normal walking trails. Though the villagers advised us not to take the mountain route as there were many wild animals, we walked in jungles with great enthusiasm.
On the 27th May, we all hikers gathered at the Deerwalk campus around 6:45 am. We moved to our hiking starting destination (Sundarijal) at 7:00 am. At around 7:30 am we had our breakfast on our way to Sundarijal. After having breakfast, we moved to Sundarijal. Then we started our hike at around 8:00 am. We walked for about 30 minutes and finally reached the army checking post at entry position of Shivapuri National Park.
After passing the checking post there were many waterfalls. Among them, we choose one waterfall where we all enjoyed. Some of the hikers were even swimming over there. I am sure all the hikers were completely wet as we all played a lot with the water. We went to our next destination i.e. Okhrini. On the way to Okhrini we came across small suspension bridge where entire hikers took photographs. We came to across junction. One for route to Sundarijal and other to Okharini. We walked for about for some hours and finally reached the Okharini. Then, the villagers advised us to go through the mountains. We all were in dilemma as there were no routes. Despite of dilemma we decided to go through the jungles. There were no any routes we went inside the jungle creating own routes at around 3:00pm. The more we walk higher we reach. After walking for an hour, we all realized that we were lost in the jungle. So, without any delay we all decided to return back to village. All the hikers were tired and frustrated as we were unable to reach the destination. We returned back to our original destination around 7:00pm where our bus picked up. Finally, we had our lunch at Lete around 8:00pm ending a yet another epic and exhausting hike.

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