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Hiking from Sundarijal to Mulkharka

Title 2012 Mar – Deerwalk Hiking from Sundarijal to Mulkharka
Location Sundarijal
Date 24th March, 2012
Total Time 4 hrs
Coordinator Kapil Pandey
Participants Ashay Thakur, Ishwor Sapkota, Jeff Rick, Kapil Pandey, Manish Man Singh, Milan Lamichhane, Rajesh Chaudhary, Roshan Ghimire, Suvash Shah Thakuri, Sujiv Shrestha, Sameer Dhakal, Sumit Kumar Shrestha
Photos By Manish Man Singh and Suresh Maharjan
Report By Suvash Shah Thakuri
Captions Suvash Shah Thakuri
Creative Support Dambar Thapa

Dinesh Jaiswal
Deerwalk has a wonderful work environment with all sorts of exciting activates such as hiking. Hiking is the best way to explore new places.

It was a lucky Sunday for me when I arrived at the office for some work. Many of my coworkers were waiting for our CTO, Jeff, who was arriving from USA that day and was supposed to join them on a hike. Fortunately for me, his flight was delayed, which gave me an opportunity to join the hikers. Sameer and Subash offered me to join them in the hike and I was delighted to get the offer. I quickly finished my work so I could joined them. My excitement doubled when I saw Jeff.

We started from our office to Sundharijal in the office van. We soon arrived at the hiking point and started to walk towards destination from there. While we started, we were a group, but soon thereafter the group split into three groups. I was walking along with Ashay and Jeff. I had a great conversation with Jeff and we shared our experience about projects, our work environment as well as married life.

Soon we arrived at a restaurant and had lunch with Roshan, Sameer, Subash and the group. We visited a water dam and saw waterfall on the way back. My first hike was, of course, really exciting and memorable.

Suvash Shah Thakuri
We, the hikers, gathered at Deerwalk office premises on the day of the hike. Most of us had arrived by 10 AM. Our CTO, Jeff, was also supposed to join the hike. So I was pretty excited that I would be hiking with a senior like Jeff. As Jeff was to arrive at Kathmandu the same day and join us on the hike, I was thinking – what if his flight were delayed? And delayed it was…by couple of hours! We finally headed to Sundarijal at around eleven after Jeff showed up.

I love hiking as it helps me to think more creatively – ideas spring up in my mind and my imagination runs wild. On the way, we discussed about movies, projects and many other things that seemed to shorten our journey to Sundharijal. The weather was in our favor. In the relatively short hike, hikers even shared their experiences about life. Probably that was my best part of it – to get to know their part of life that I did not know. And, I thought to myself – “Everyone has their own story, some are different, but some are similar to mine.”

I did not miss the opportunity to visit a small waterfall with Milan, Roshan, Sujiv and Dinesh. We were impressed with the watermill on the way. I was completely mesmerized having seen it for the first time. All these experiences made my first hike truly a memorable one.

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  1. For the love of god, please set the whitebalance to auto when you shoot the picture !!!!
    Its looks ‘creative’ if you do it in one picture, not all of them !!!
    Also, loved the pictures ! 🙂

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