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Summit talks postponed third time: Consensus likely by Sunday(Update)

The third round of summit talks have been postponed till 15th October without making any major breakthrough. The meeting that started at 2:15 p.m. lasted for just an hour. The talks will resume at 2pm on Sunday. (File Photo)

Holding a press conference at the peace secretariat at Singhdurbar, the convenors of the government and Maoist talk teams said the next talks are expected to reach a final agreement on all outstanding issues.
chief Maoist negotiator Krishna Bahadur Mahara said today’s talks discussed all issues including the interim statute, legislature and government; arms management, modalities of CA polls, the fate of monarchy and restructuring of the state.
He said next talks would most probably reach a final agreement. He also urged all not to take the today’s postponement otherwise because the parties have reached very close to the agreement.
Chief government negotiator Krishna Prasad Sitaula urged all to wait till Sunday to hear happy news.

The leaders are yet to reach a consensus on major contentious issues like the interim statute, the fate of monarchy and the Maoists’ arms management.

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