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Summer of 2009 through Blackberry

Cheshire, CT
Night traffic on a stretch of West Main St. from the balcony of 322E West Main St., Cheshire, CT. Photo taken (w/D80) around quarter to nine after a pleasant early evening thunderstorm.

I was wiping these random (mostly misty) pictures form the Blackberry when it dawned on me how well them represented summer of 2009.  Below are scattered vestiges of a summer that ended in the same strange haze as with which it had started early on (or whatever …).

++ Bhaskar.

Commons bathed in evening glow. Demolition near China Town.
Spent a lot of evenings this summer at Dado Tea at Cambridge near Harvard Square.  Free Wi-Fi (for customers), decent enough food, and a nice place to people watch. Chalked out random lateral creativity.
Yes, yes, yes!  A Japanese restaurant somewhere in Connecticut. Cosmic relief (but not always) while watching Natalie (click here) do her stuff on YouTube.  Check out some of her interesting video blogs.
The happy light at 694B South St., Waltham. In my hunt for ancient anthropology (5000 BC and backwards), somehow ended up picking Stan Romanek’s book and reading it within a day.
Four best movies of the summer – Star Trek, Public Enemies, Inglourious Basterds, and District 9. Simrik – oh God, such a sweetheart!

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