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Sudhir Maharjan’s US Visit

The first flight of my life was really amazing. I was nervous and excited at the same time, and as I kept wondering about my month-long visit, the plane took off. I looked out of the window and saw lights: lots of lights. And the next thing that came to my mind was “America, Here I Come.” It was a long flight, and I had to sit in the same seat for more than 10 hours. Man, that felt like jail. Anyway, it was quite late, but I don’t remember the exact time when Santosh and I reached Boston, the city where we were staying for a month. Two amazing people welcomed us, Mr. Bhatt and Mr. Ghimire. They had already prepared dinner. Bhattu Dai started explaining how things worked there, and every word was just going above my head. When I try to remember that conversation now, I think I was extremely tired, and I was feeling like a brainless zombie. I went straight to bed after dining, and boom, when I opened my eyes, it was a beautiful Sunday morning in Boston.

I was like, what the hell! It’s Sunday, what do I do now? Then, I got a call from Awanish Dai. He invited us for a tour to Harvard College. I was more than excited, so we headed to Harvard College with Awanish Dai and his family. We walked to MIT from there. While coming back, we walked by the Charles River to the train station. I was having a jet lag, and slowly it was hitting me, but it was fun to experience that. In the evening, we had a gathering at Awaish Dai’s place, where almost all Deerwalker Family was there. I passed out for about maybe 20 mins, and then suddenly I woke up. People were dancing to a Nepali track and having a beer, but all the while, I was trying to stay awake. Because of the labor day, Monday was also off, so we requested Mr. Manish to show us around Boston. He took us to the Downtown and Quincy Market. There I tasted an amazing Lobster roll. We also tried Regina’s Pizza. He took us to Castle Island and told us a story about the fort. Unfortunately, the beach was already closed, so we could not sunbathe. Afterward, Manish took us to a Chinese restaurant, where we had some amazing Chinese food.

The US office is an amazing as well as fun-filled place to work. Everyone is so kind, and thanks to them, I got to learn many things. I was lucky that I also got a chance to work on the CDW Threat Check and Analysis Appliance, which turned out to be of great educational value. Also, I got the opportunity of staying in a meeting with RobertW, where I learned about cost analysis and how things run practically. That was one of the best experiences I ever had. There were many people whom I had known only through email communication. To meet them in person and work together turned out to be a great experience.

From the next day, our usual office day started. We took an uber ride to the Office: it’s just like Pathao service we have in Nepal; the only difference was that we commuted by the car. It was fun to work in the US office, and there I met all of the Deerwakers I’ve never met before, but only contacted via email and Hangouts. And the funny thing is, they also had the stand up meeting exactly at the same time we were doing in the Nepal office. I was assigned my tasks, and I was excited to get started. One interesting thing that I miss here in Nepal is Bagel every Wednesday. We were given a free pass for the Game of Baseball, where Santosh and I went in the evening. It was a nice game, in which both of us didn’t understand a damn thing. Suddenly, it started to rain, so we returned to our room.

I also managed to go to New York one weekend. The city was crowded, noisy, and full of fun. It looked as if people there never slept. I have a brother in NYC, and he was my guide for this tour. We woke up at 8 in the morning, went to different places, had lunch in MC Donald’s with a free coke. We also took a free ferry tour around the Statue of Liberty. We managed to walk till 11 in the evening that day. I don’t think I have ever walked like that before, and I will never walk like that again. Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to go to Niagara Falls, which I missed very much, but it’s on my list so one day.

It was fun staying in the Extended Stay America (ESA), Burlington for a couple of days with Mr. Bhattu Dai. He is an amazing person and also an equally amazing cook. I went to the ESA just to enjoy Bhattu Dai’s cooking, but sadly when I reached there, it was a blackout, no electricity. It was funny, and I remembered the old days of load shedding back in my home country. We stayed out in the cold for maybe 2-3 hours until the lights came out at eleven. That’s another thing that I will never forget in my life. Thanks to Bhattu Dai; I enjoyed his cooking and food.

I am thankful to everyone in the Boston Office for their love and kindness. I remember the last day at my office. Everyone came to see me off. I am very happy that I got a chance to go there and meet other Deerwalkers and learn about different cultures.

[Sudhir Kumar Maharjan, Associate IT Manager at Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from August 31, 2019, to October 01, 2019]