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0 thoughts on “Stormy Ritual

  1. Shutterbug

    I know you are not a post-production person. I would definitely remove the terracotta ( a major distractor in the picture !)

  2. Many thanks. It’s always good to have compliments, comments and this time I am flattered. 🙂

    Indeed “A moment to freeze and celebrate” as Mabi said. I am happy that photography allows me to unveil beauty that lies in small things which we overlooked otherwise. I think these pictures one good example of ‘being the right person at the right spot besides talent and technology. That morning, I was trying to click pictures of Pigeons in flight and out of the blue this pair of sparrow popped up in front of me and starts to grapple. And within 3 second I have clicked these shots.

    Keep commenting.

  3. Wonderful photos of sparrows in action and I salute Shutterbug’s quickness in taking these photos in a matter of second. Like Mabi said, ‘readiness of this Shutterbug’ is amazing. Simply a great work. 🙂

  4. A great combo of technology and talent.

    A readiness of shutterbug, easy accessibility to a great camera with super technological features.

    A moment to freeze and celebrate.

    May be time to think about submitting the picture to “Shutterbug” – the magazine. RAW images ?


  5. Every little things are amazingly shot and interpreted by an artists…that makes a Shutterbug different from the rest !!! Great JOB , Good LUCK !!!

  6. Jitu, you have managed to click the push button for the internal mechanism of a device on time and brought out an art to display.

    Well done and thanks!

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