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Stories from Ason

Here’s Ason at its best of hustle and bustle —- and animation if you will. There is so much that unspools there which, of course, is continual stampede which best describes the daily drill of Kathmanduites out there. The tableaux is often overlooked but here are some of the glimpses for the connoisseur of the art of photography stolen at dusks.

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6. 7.
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8. 9.
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10. 11.

All photos are clicked on photo assignment I have done for ‘Photographing The Everyday’ photography workshop conducted by Frédéric Lecloux, , Agency VU.

You can also watch these photos in a slide-show. Click Here

0 thoughts on “Stories from Ason

  1. Dear Ason Basinda,

    Good to have your comment and thank you for the compliment. Yes you are right most pictures of this post are not entirely from Ason chok and title does sound, only pictures of Ason. My sheer purpose is to interlink ‘Ason’ as an ancient place within fast changing cosmopolitan city and people who still find their ways to live out of it. That’s why this is about ‘stories of people’ who find their continuation depending on Ason.

    I have done these photos during the workshop ‘Photographing The Everyday’ conducted by Frederic Lexloux, Agency VU and getting many good feedbacks now I am photographing Ason even more intensely on personal photo assignment. Since you are from Ason, I am positive that you can help me to photographs Ason ‘its charm and people’ even better ways. I will be doing this personal photo assignment for next 2 months. Buzz me: 9841-283526, and together we can explore Ason.

    Thank you once again for the comment.

  2. hello shutterbug …this pic are really awesome and i knew each and every pic where it is clicked from…and begining pic are mostly from balkumari mandir or can be said as near from the “charms clothes store” …….also no 9 pic is not from ason..isnt it??…i would have highly appreciated if there was some pic from ason chowks and the temples from ason chowk. And only one photo that links with stories of ason is no. 8 which is clicked from annapurna mandir as far as i know

  3. Thank you all for your appreciation. Hope to share more photos in coming days on a same theme.

    BhaskerB I agree this decision of panning somehow was influenced unconsciously at my attempt to separate this lady from the background, who was trotting back home with a huge sack on her head. What I had in mind was not the background but her story of day to day life within Ason. I guess none of the photos posted in this series are of technique or quality but the story within and feelings you get while viewing.

    It was very nice to see you along with Sangharsha, Rina, Ravi, Pawan, Rajiv and Shilpa there in Yalamaya.

  4. Loved the color tones more than anything else.

    2 looks almost real…
    4 – love the hustle and bustle of Ason during the twilight
    5 – liked the warm orange tone and how the silhouette of rickshaw frame is creating nice frame.

    Vivid pictures all in all…keep posting your genius.

  5. Vivid, well lit … nice. At Yalamaya, you mentioned that you chose to do “panning” because you wanted to give a poetic feeling to these shots.

    Do you think your decision to pan might have been influenced unconsciously because you did not find the background to these subjects interesting enough?

  6. Lovely shots Shutterbug.
    The photos looked great when we saw the series in YalaMaya, and looks even better here, in the true colors.
    Every shot is meaningful and carries a story of its own.

    My favs: 2, 3, 5, 11 and the best one 8.

  7. Great work Shutterbug! Mystery in each photograph is very captivating and full of stories. Enjoyed the Slideshow. Keep it up bro.

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