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Staying Awake Whole Night till early morning in Rhode Island RI and New York NY

In order to test my physical determination to cope up the wild weather of winter during my Boston Visit, I suddenly took a bus to Rhode Island (RI) and the highway scene could be beautifully captured shown below. It was raining heavily that day and I was shivering. I was not in position to come out of North Station to visit scientific museum nearby to use free passes for movie, library and other museum. There were passes for two, but I was alone, soaked to skin, and cold, so decided to use underground Metro to go to South Station, then to Peter Pan Bus Station to RI, just to be saved from cold. I would not be soaked to skin that day if I agreed to friends’ offer to give me ride to Waltham Main Street or joined Nilesh. It was Friday and I wanted to go out on my way on my feet into rain first time although I had already walked during heaviest snowfalls in Waltham.

I know a few friends around the top 5-6 universities and colleges around RI. I reached there at 11:00 PM. I called but all friends’ Cell asked to leave message. I am so stubborn but my willpower failed after I saw some person behind me who was in Boston Bus Station. He was following me and his intent were clear because he had asked me for 2-3 dollars as it was raining and e wanted hot Coffee. But now, He was talking with his buddies in Cell phone he had money to pay $15 for the bus.

Horrified and alone, I looked around for some help. I also thought to Dial 911. But luck took another turn when a motherly woman driving a taxi stood before me. I came open into rain, requested her to open the driver’s window, and resumed talk: Me:”Madam, I need to go somewhere immediately. I have no money. I need to get an ATM first to take out money”. She:”Son, almost everything is closed, but I will see if I can help”. Still soaked in Rain I asked,” how many dollars to reach there”? She calmly replied,”$10”. I entered the taxi and she took me to a Drive thru pharmacy that opened 24 hours. She waited outside to protect me in case I have nowhere to go.

The Pharmacy Manager said,” Sir, we are sorry we do not have an ATM here”. I came out and told her my misfortune as I could not pay her taxi bill that was still ticking. Then she said,” Ok, the other place definitely has one” and took me into another Store that too ran 24 hours to serve people. Before entering the gate, I saw one. I had never seen that kind of ATM before in Boston, or Waltham. Somehow I took out $40 and found that the ATM charge is $2, and my bank would charge me $2 per transaction. Never mind, it is survival tactics after all, I said to myself.

Coming out loaded with money, I paid her $15 to account for her kindness when I did not have a penny, and asked her to leave me at a Bar which is shown below in pictures. I went in and found that it had ATM, Video games machine, and a Golf machine. There was live Jazz going on from the team in Boston that supports Red Sox in RI as well. I enjoyed varieties of bar in empty stomach as I had not taken dinner and there was one in Bar as restaurant has closed. I left some tips for her who served me delicious offerings there at 2:30 AM when the Manager declared Bar is closed.

Now, nowhere to go and no place to stay as there was no taxi nearby neither was there any Motel to serve me. I was ready to spend $200 a night for a sweet bight’s rest but no hope. Fearfully I retracted the Path the Motherly taxi Driver had used in bringing me there and God Bless, I reached the Bus Station and stayed in -14 degree Fahrenheit on the chair that was being monitored by CCTV overhead as seen in picture below with Peter Pan travels front of me. To keep myself alive of piercing freezing wind in RI, and the soaked body that did not heat up completely with that live jazz, I started walking around and clicked a few shots of Cemetery shown below along barbed wire.
I was sleeping again in the bench when I awoke and found that it was 5:30 and the bus to Boston was leaving soon. I went inside to the cozy warm seat, paid money and woke up at South Station. From there I went to Waltham.

I was amazed when I found Nilesh staring at me so amazingly, which he never did before all my life I have known him and together we scored goals together, simply why this time? The fact is: When I was in RI, somebody had entered saying “Hi Nilesh, I have come. Sorry for disturbing” and slept in my bed. In the morning the outsider was gone and I had come all tired and messy. In another instance somebody opened the Porch Door and left it open. Only Lava Forgot to close the door and this time Lava was absent again. In similarly tied story, Nilesh and Raj took Lava to Shopping (Lava does not like spending time/money in supermarkets) in Watertown stores all around for whole 8 hours. With heavily filled bags, the trio paid $35 in a taxi trip back South Street Waltham. When all of us went in, The Back door was wide open to dismay all of us and we promised to complain to the apartment owner to change all keys at once. Honestly nothing was lost and we shared our land with the Cemetery described in last post about Boston Visit.

Then the following weekend, Nilesh told a lot about NY City, the ferry to Stanton Island(I wanted to ride a Ferry, but all Boston ferries were on dock due to snow), and other places I should not miss to visit. He also asked me to be extra careful as I was alone and advised me with details on what to do if I fall into problem going to dangerous areas where people have been shot. Later, I took more information from Justin in order to know more about the city as he was in front of me before I left to NY and I could not miss any extra efforts in learning more. Tika was surprised that I am taking Internet Security Book with me that he took last year. I also heard the experience about NY trip from PawanP, PawanS and many other friends.

Prasanna gave me a cell no. of a friend in case I need to stay due to unfavorable weather conditions. I also took a Manhattan map with me that I would tear after soaked in rain and lose directions. Subodh knows a lot about NY City but I could not meet him at that moment to gather extra knowledge. I also missed to talk to Niraj and Aaashish about their NY trip. PurushottamP narrated the story about his family tour to NY. Nilesh had asked me to keep low cash about $100 only and advised me to take the camera which I would have forgotten.
I took the 3:20 commuter rail from Brandeis to South Station. I went to the Bus Station and got into the lobby, took the Fung Wah $20 Bus at 18:00. I would not sleep at any cost. I wanted to see the whole way. Luck had its own part. I woke up at Connecticut City and saw Bridgeport University on the way. I reached NY Manhattan Bridge at 22:30. I had nowhere to go and nobody around. What should I do?

The beautiful lady who had jumped off the bus with me was busy in her cell phone calling her friend. She was cursing at him as he said he could not come to pick her. The other families were also calling their relatives to pick them up. I did not have a cell phone with me as I never take one during trips lest I might lose one. The Motherly Taxi Driver was not here like in Rhode Island (RI) to help me.
I walked around for some time and was glad to be around Manhattan. I saw Brooklyn arrow but feared. Chinatown was lively with people. A bar just had crying people and police was around. I ran from the street into another. I knew about Ave and Street but I could not see anything in 14 degree Fahrenheit and it was night. It was raining, and chilly cold. I was soaked. I did not know where I was heading? East West, North, South, Which Ave, which Street?

Since I had not eaten anything except my Afternoon Lunch in Waltham I was extremely hungry. I was hunting for food in Rain that soaked my waterproof Jacket to the skin. No prey around. Luckily, I saw a restaurant and happily tried to get in. The security looked for Tattoo on my hand and said I am not allowed. After many such instances of bad luck, I was ushered into one after looking at my Identity.

It was a cultural shock to me as the girls were kissing each other and with their friends too. In Nepal we never get chance to see such openness. One lady just lost her jacket that she had left on hangers of the restaurant and was complaining to manager. The manager promised for full pay if he cannot send her jacket the next day. He was consoling her,” somebody might have mistakenly taken yours, sorry madam”. After waiting for 15 minutes my turn came I started to fill my stomach. A new family just sat around. $4, $6, $8, $10 continued to be added and I left a tip of $5. To my dismay, I saw the stairs to a Metro Subway.

I went down and asked the security officer for a Day long pass. It was 12:00 AM. She was helpful and told me to get a $7 whole day pass. I was using the machine for the first time. Finally I did. When I crossed the ticket checking barrier, $2 was subtracted and I knew I had taken out wrong Ticket. I went up to 60th Street. Changed track and returned back to some place. Again I went up to 120th street by changing track and returned back.
I nearly died in some stations that were not underground and hat had no cover. I went to Times Square and returned back by another metro. I noted all kinds, girls, women, elderly, families, disabled, men, boys, children, all enjoying night trip. Finally, at Brooklyn, the notice was heard,” It is the final trip. Please get out do not sleep here”.

Fearing I got out and went to Bowery. The ticket window to Statue of Liberty was closed. I was alone. Then I saw a building showing Ferry to Stanton Island. I rushed in to wash room. Freshen up myself read the Notice, ”This is No. 2 security area. You may be searched any time”. Chill started to grip me but the security officer whom I talked to told smilingly that I can board the ferry at that moment and it is FREE! Please look at pictures below at those moments when I shot flashes at Statue of Liberty and around Bowery:

Those were some of the shots from Ferry and beneath the Brooklyn Bridge after which my battery power was lost. It was 6:30 AM. I did not see any department store or local shops where I could buy most needed battery and power for my hungry stomach and some rest to my whole night awoke eyes. I did not see McDonalds on the way which I walked. The chilly Atlantic air pierced my skin and I was shivering due to lack of rest. Oh I remember! I had taken one glass coffee that cost $1 in the ferry returning from Stanton Island.

I sparked one bright idea as I have that creativity in me which makes me fall into trouble many times in life. “Walk Brooklyn all the way through”, sounds interesting. Get some Batteries for camera and then take shots to and from Brooklyn.

My culture like many other Nepalese taught such creativity that everything we built perfectly first time was changed a little bit with some problems the second time, third time and so on. We do not like to do repetitive things by reading through the same document over and over again. In our football club, I remember Raj asking me to document steps I know to secure a goal, so I do not forget the next time any important step. When hitting the goal with Nilesh, he too used to caution me of too much creativity and lack of documentation. Thakur too needs to remind me often the power of document when ready to kick the ball into the net, so every goal can be met effectively. I do not know why I am lazy in documenting things. I am writing this report after two months!!Frankly, Sanjeet had shown me a document that taught about the shoe angle, ball velocity, and the momentum required securing a goal. But my creative pursuits are still on and I cannot get rid of them when in US because of the country’s largeness and the wild dreams that are often realized here. God give me the power of Documentation ability that was a trademark since histories. Brooklyn documents such remarkable events in its engravings.

I read the notice,”You are being watched by CCTV”. If I do not want to be watched by NYPD (New York Police Department), I should not cross the bridge. May be I can Baptize all through the holy Atlantic to Quincy. But I have never swum except in large/small rivers that would not swallow me in. In swimming pool, I would always jump in 10 Feet. Press thumb, come up and catch the stairs ASAP. I had bought a really good swimming custom from Bhatbhateni going out with Nilesh and Raj when we were going to Gokarna Resort to enjoy our day there from our Bonus amount and I had to Spa too apart from swimming. I had brought that swimming custom to US, just in case although it was chilly cold that would numb body organs.

Brooklyn Bridge has number of accidents in a day because of speed and the brakes those are applied at the turnings and crossroads. I saw one fatal accident and the old man was locked in his Steering of the car that was smashed. A NYPD car escorted the damaged vehicle with emergency signals that we used to see in English films during childhood when Polizia is at the crime scene.

I reached the other end of Brooklyn. I talked to a shopkeeper if he has batteries for my camera, but he closed hastily thinking I have come for looting. He was dazed. I walked up to NY technical University, the Police Headquarters, and to some place I do not know the name. Tired, hungry and worried without batteries, I kept on walking. Finally I found a Chinese shop.
“No battery “, says the man as he seemed to dislike me so early. But his wife took pity over me and managed to search through her stuffs to find one pair. I paid thanked her and tested. It worked. My camera was back into life again. Now I needed to take shots as shown below of the great historical Brooklyn, which I revered all my life to visit. Accompanied are Manhattan Bridge shots too.

I have taken all historical values of Brooklyn which has never been to my knowledge recorded and posted into Net by anybody.

The Manhattan Bridge contains Commuter Railway too and People are not allowed to walk along these days. There is a door that was locked for pedestrians. So I could not set my feet there.

The History of Brooklyn Construction unravels its mystery.

The Engineering used here is real craft of human creativity, design, and ability.

The early birds love to jog around the great icon of universe under the proud American Flag:

A University of Columbia student who smiled at me as she passed by because when crossing Brooklyn to Quincy previously, she was running towards Manhattan and I had pointed her the dollars those fell down on the bridge and she was happy for being able to recover her cash.

Now, all scenes of New York City are displayed. The Incredible India displaying Red Bus is at the Grand Central. Picture itself speaks:

By looking at directions on bottom right corner picture above I knew I had lost my way and walked back all the way from The Grand Central, the 42nd Street.. To here.

Sleeplessness disables one’s visual, thinking, and working ability. I prayed to God for keeping me alive as the piercing Atlantic wind again hit me to my heart. I was going to collapse. Fatigue had taken control of me. I felt fever and cold taking control of me. The green park, the birds, the ships, and the vastness of the ocean kept me alive and I was all alone set out for my destination.

I have dreams of cruising in one of such lovely passionate water gliding creatures seen above. I could see the chopper so closely. I had missed the walk able road, and I was going into a highway unknowingly as there was no rule telling NO PEDESTRAINS. The Police car catches me up a little bit further from opposite direction and asks me to jump. I see Atlantic only. Later I understand. He wants me to jump into restricted private Property garden through which an overhead bridge will take me safely to other side from the highway near United Nations (UN). I did not go inside UN Building, lest the Police van would catch me and interrogate.

My dream of Visiting UN building below clearly seems to become a reality unless I could pass the highway being alive which has no pavement. Please save the Picture, enlarge in view and enjoy. I know the tall building is UN which we used to see since childhood and there is no possibility of error. I saved my life by walking above the raised structure above bar that held the wire. After some time I would reach into the place where there was no wire bar to stop me from falling into Atlantic.

The current pictures from Rockefeller Park forced me to remember my wife and son who would enjoy the environment there amid music. I promised myself that I will buy one such jewelry for my wife.

Although India and Nepal are said to be best in Gold and Diamond Art, the jewelry in US are more attractive to me.

Finally I am into my new Target, The Grand Central Park. I compared those statues to those rotting in public play ground (Tundikhel) of Kathmandu. Sometimes, I think we Nepalese are reluctant to know historical past and preserve them. I think those studying History in Nepal are a few countable (10-20) and Government gives them Scholarships to attract, but unsuccessful.

Now it is time to go to the Times Square and the Imperial State Building.

Now I am already looking at The Imperial State building tower, but I have no time to go up there.

Now final Hi and return back to Boston. It is already 14:40 PM and I want to reach home fast. My whole tour in NY lasted for 14 hours without sleeping, and rarely eating to make up time.

My Friendship with the little girl flourished and she took my pictures too. She slept for a while and awoke to see me again nearby her, she said, “Uncle”. To respect her photography skills, I have placed her shots as it is. The last photograph in high speed condition from the bus is superb catch from the camera and after that the batteries again were ¾ dead.

Finally, I again thank to GOD for keeping me alive at those hours at temperatures of 14 degree Fahrenheit and soaked to skin combined with piercing Atlantic wind. And I have not included many names who taught a lot of things when I was in US because I want them to write comments. Next trip report will be that of Washington and some if any shots from my final hours in Boston, Frankfurt, and Kathmandu from Delhi. There will also be a report on World’s largest Casino: Foxwoods and Mahogany Sun in Connecticut. Sorry for being lazy on documenting events and knowledge.

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  1. his wife took pity over me and managed to search through her stuffs to find one pair. I paid thanked her and tested. It worked. My camera was back into life again.

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  5. Lava, do not feel so honored, look at that 7 spam comments, they increase viewing number too..!!

  6. RajT Said ,”Lava forgets to mention that his daring escapades gave Nilesh and myself a few more gray hairs than we had before.” Extremely sorry to those panicking moments when you had to seek my actual status every moment. Please feel pride that those efforts were worthwhile as Lava is alive for this historical day, the constituent assembly polls: http://www.everestuncensored.org/2181/2008/04/10/lava-queuing-up-for-constituent-assembly-polls/

    It is good news that Maoists have secured respectable votes of people instead of old king-prone parties. So, We are now hopeful of prosperous new federal republic Nepal.

  7. Lava forgets to mention that his daring escapades gave Nilesh and myself a few more gray hairs than we had before. It is a good writeup but I would say it is – believe it or not – still UNDERSTATED! For one, 14 degrees F is more like 4 degrees F when you factor in the windchill! 😯

  8. Lava thank you very much for sharing your experiences of USA. You made a great story.


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