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Squad A (Hp Team) Outing to Sukute

ROUTE Deerwalk Complex > Koteshwar > Dhulikhel > Dolalghat > Sukute
DATE Aug 04, 2017 – Aug 05, 2017
COORDINATOR Bhola Kaji Niroula
PARTICIPANTS Aadit Kayastha, Aman Maharjan, Anil Lama, Bhola Kaji Niroula, Bibek Lal Shrestha, Parakram Shrestha and Saswat Raj Pandey
PHOTOS BY Anil Lama, Bibek Lal Shrestha and Parakram Shrestha

Anil LamaAnil Lama

It’s just been over 2 weeks me joining the team HP and I don’t know how I’ve already got along with my teammates so good (obviously everyone’s senior to me, my Respect!). May be I’ll have to wait and spend some more time with my teammates to know them well but I sure do know them to some extent by now. With respect to size, the outing might probably be the smallest team outing ever in the history of Deerwalk Inc.(obviously we made history), but this might have been the finest one as well. All the credit goes to our team outing stationed at Sukute Beach. What an amazing place. Beautiful location, beautiful weather, beautiful beach and obviously the most amazing one’s was beautiful people around (mind you, I’m not talking about my teammates).

The party started on the way with everyone holding a beer on one hand and the other one serving potato chips and Badam (certainly for oneselves). The only non-drinker was me and all my teammates already had some time drinking. I was not sure if they were in full state of mind but I certainly was. This doubt arose when I was listening to them and what they were talking about was science, mind, gravity and all.

I was surprised and a little frightened as well thinking if I was with the right people.

I was surprised and a little frightened as well thinking if I was with the right people. Just kidding. Anyways it took us around 3 hours to reach the destination. We kept our bags and the things we brought into the tents where we were sleeping the night and within a minute everyone was ready with their swimming customes on. We all enjoyed some chilling hours inside the swimming pool and had some snacks. We spent the whole night making and having barbecues, drinking, hitting darts and playing pool.

Finally the next day was planned for rafting before we head back. This was the first time for all of us and we throughly enjoyed the ride. Finally after having lunch we headed back to our normal living.
All in all, the outing was a wonderful experience.

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