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SQUAD B – Deerclean

Event location Shree Sringeri Secondary School, Lamatar, Lalitpur
Date 20 April, 2019
Cleaning Duration 4 Hrs
Coordinator Ajaya Chapagai
Participants Achyut Kumar Bhattarai, Ajaya Chapagai, Ajaya Puri, Anib Manandhar, Anjan Gurung, Ankit Kumar Basnet, Archana Sah, Asmit Ojha, Basanta Thapa, Bishwas Dahal, Chandra Bahadur Basnet , Depenti Karki, Gita Shrestha, Jeevan Timilsina, Kamal Pokharel, Kinar Dahal, Niroj Shakya, Nishu KC, Raghu Nath Pathak, Rajya Laxmi Manandhar, Ranjan Khadka, Rose Gurung, Roshan Shrestha, Samjhana Wagle , Sanil Shrestha , Shyaby Thakuri, Subin Vinduwa, Sujan Bishwakarma, Sujan Dangol, Utsab Sapkota
Report By Nishu KC , Rajya Laxmi Manandhar
Photos By Ajaya Puri, Basanta Thapa, Bishwas Dahal, Jeevan Timilsina, Kamal Pokharel, Raghu Nath Pathak
Creative Support Dipal Malla

Nishu KcNishu KC

“There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.” -Woodrow T. Wilson

Saturday 20th of April,2019, all the enthusiastic Deerwalkers of Squad B were ready for another episode of Deerclean. Deerclean is a community service campaign which is organized by Deerwalk Services with the major objective of maintaining a clean and healthy environment in educational sectors. This event aware people the necessity of proper disposal of wastes in attaining clean surroundings.

We selected a government school named Shree Sringeri Secondary School situated at Lamatar, Lalitpur for this event. We all gathered at Deerwalk Premises around 7:45 am and collected all the necessary cleaning stuff. We were all set and ready to face the challenge. At around 8:05 am we headed to our destination. After 35 minutes drive, we reached Lubhu. As we were unaware of the path leading to the school, we asked the locals regarding the way. We reached Lamatar at around 9:15 am. We decided first to have our breakfast and then jump into our mission. After completing our breakfast, we geared up and the weapons on our arsenal were gloves, mask, aprons, mob, and broomsticks. This was not an ordinary battle it was one against dust and germs. On one side were we, the Deerwalkers and the other side dust and germs living in it. There were 4 buildings in total. All the classes were covered in dust and the taps and toilets were dirty. We started cleaning at around 10 am. We all worked collaboratively with music in the background. Good music and friends can make even the hardest of tasks pleasant, this was just a mere task of cleaning a school and its premises. The battle was over after about 4 hours of cleaning the area and we emerged victoriously. The school was clean with no traces of dust and specks of dirt. We also distributed Deerwalk copies to the children we met on our way. Kudos to the team for such great effort.

After that, we had arrangements for lunch. We went and had our typical Nepali lunch set (Dal, Bhat, and Tarkari) and then headed back to our bus. We left for the office around 3:30 pm. And finally, the event ended. Everyone was tired but with that tiredly feeling was overcome by a feeling of pleasure deep within. Yes, what we did was not very extravagant or grand in any manner but nevertheless, it was very satisfying for our inner self.

Rajya Laxmi ManandharRajya Laxmi Manandhar
Squad B organised Deerclean as the Squad Event on April 20, 2019 in Shree Sringeri Secondary School which is located in Lamatar, Lalitpur. 30 volunteers from Squad B made this campaign a huge success. All the necessary equipments required for cleaning campaign were loaded in the bus that headed towards the destination at around 8:05 AM from Deerwalk Complex. Volunteers were picked enroute as well. It was a narrow road and we took a wrong turn as one person confirmed us the direction. The road was narrow to take the turn for our vehicle but we did it anyways.

We reached Lamatar at around 9:15 A.M and had breakfast. Team was then divided into 3 groups each consisting of 10 volunteers and each team selected part of the school they wanted to clean. Volunteers headed to respective areas with mops, brooms, gloves,masks, aprons, dustpans. Volunteers were cleaning the whiteboards, classrooms, cobweb, dusting the carpets , benches and the school premises. Volunteers were also seen managing the degradable and non-degradable wastes in separate containers. The event came to halt at around 2 PM. We washed our hands and went for lunch.

Being one of the volunteers in Deerclean was the best opportunity for me to get involved in social activities and serve the society.