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Souvenir from Nepal

Souvenir from Nepal
248. Souvenir from Nepal
Photo By: Shutterbug
Posted Date: 6th August

Puppet like this one above of Living Goddess ‘Kumari’ is loved widely by tourists as a souvenir items from Nepal. Such puppets do reflect Nepalese cultures, lifestyles and religion. Tourist can get wide varieties of Nepalese puppets representing different forms of God and Goddess found in Nepal. Especially string puppets of masked dancers are most popular.

These puppets are made of cotton, clay, and wood and decorated with metal jewelry, which are beautifully crafted and available in different sizes.

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-LIN Editor

12 thoughts on “Souvenir from Nepal

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  2. Abishesh! Thank you. I have also googled it to find more about this word ‘Bokeh’. Let me share this link which I think will help others to understand more about this typical word in photography realm. Click here

  3. Bokeh (derived from Japanese bokeaji ボケ味, “blur”) is a photographic term referring to the appearance of out-of-focus areas in an image produced by a camera lens using a shallow depth of field.

  4. Thank you abishesh for your compliment. And sorry I didn’t get the meaning of ‘bokeh’. Would be thankful if you share me it’s meaning.

    Keep commenting!

  5. A smoother bokeh would’ve been much better. Lovely Portrait none the less…

    Nice to see your work in LIN.

  6. Lovely portrait as if Kumari is gazing at the photographer. shutterbug! your posting always is ‘TRUELY NEPALI’. Keep it up!!

  7. Thank you everyone for the comments.

    Issue raised by DreamSky is very serious one. I agree that trend should be revised according to evolvement of our society, even though this tradition of the “Kumari” Living Goddess is followed by people for centuries. After retiring from Kumari, she has to face many dilemmas in her personal life. She has difficulty getting married, as it is believed that a man with a weaker birth chart than her will die a premature death. It is such an outrageous superstition people believe in.

    Dear ‘Great Catch Shutterberg’ ! Sorry I didn’t get your comment well. It would be great if you make this clear, what you want to see sometime? And what do you mean by “Use your own camera to take picture of your own camera. You cannot use another shutter and no mirroring and no reflections.”

    And yes it’s not ‘Shutterberg’ or ‘Shutter bug’ it’s ‘Shutterbug’ how I spell my title.

  8. DreamSky, real kumari means pure Virgin and Virginity is found during childhood only. Actually our goddess kumari until she is chosen for goddess is like puppet, as we see many people telling what a cute child and kissing children. So virginity is a puppet, thanks for bringing out such a big issue out of Virgin puppet.

  9. Beautiful catch of colors with clarity. Wonderful shot as always!

    Btw, are not we making real Kumari’s childhood a puppet in the name of religious trend? May be I am missing some points and many of us may disagree but I feel that way.

  10. Hello Shutter Bug

    Your photography is simply superv, keep posting articles and these sort of pics always ………… 😛

  11. Great Catch Shutterberg, terrific, youtr shutter is really best. We want to see it sometime. Use your own camera to take picture of your own camera. you cannot use another shutter and no mirroring and no reflections.

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