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Soar Up!

 Soar Up  


Soar up, little bird
Soar up!
Float with airiness.
Across the vastness.
The vista is for your company
Breath of air owe to your rising.
Don’t fear the horizon
For it’s bound of your effort.
Overcast might dim your vision
But retain ray of hope behind the haze
Flap your wings up over setbacks.
Destination awaits your arrival
The flight shares the moment of revival.
Soar above,
Not for you have to,
Just ’cause you are born to!





10 thoughts on “Soar Up!

  1. I noticed that the structure of the poem resembles that of a tree… is that intentional or just a coincidence?
    anyways, its a wonderful poem and the picture compliments it equally.


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