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So Friendly

294. So Friendly
Photo By: Araleya
Date: 10th Nov, 2008

“Aayusha” is very lovely girl. I could not capture hervstill in my shot as she always smiled like this. I sat down to take shot of her lovely face and her very big brown eyes but she also sat down and like upwards to see throughcamara lens. I moved down abnd she moved more down.. so it came like this angle.
She was very very lovely and sat on my lap. During travel I often carry snack and pencils for children so very much she enjoyed snacks.

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  1. Hi Areleya, Good try indeed. It seems like a forced smile though! At first glance, I could not say whehter she was about to cry or smile. But unique perspective. Thanks for sharring this with us. Thanks for your kinds words about Neplai kids. They are awesome.


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