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Smile from Lakuri Bhanjyang

Cheerful local children flocking around picnickers at Lakhuri Bhanjyang near Lubu Village, Lalitpur. Nepalese are voted people with ‘beautiful smile’ and widely known for their hospitability.

0 thoughts on “Smile from Lakuri Bhanjyang

  1. Indeed it’s a nice poem. Thank you DreamSky for sharing the link. Poems do inspire me a lot as well. 😀

  2. Children with smile – my instant appetiser for happiness.

    and of course truly ‘golden shot’ in the ‘golden hour’. A touch of blue at the bottom-left corner is telling us how high these children are flying.

    Damn! I miss my innocence!

    Hey Shutterbug, a perfect poem for this photograph could be this one from awsiv -> http://awsiv.wordpress.com/2008/04/05/nostalgia/ 🙂

  3. Sis, Shreeya, You too can capture this beautiful “hue” by taking pictures in the evening Sun. Golden glow of the setting Sun gives feeling of warmth and it can lifts anybody’s heart instantly. We “Photographers” call it ‘Golden hour’ and it is best light situation for taking portrait of people. Angle of light doesn’t cast any shadow on the faces as a result of the sun being so close to the horizon. (Check shadow in children faces above).

    Count me, if you want to see more such pictures with beautiful hue that lift your heart and please your eyes. Try photogrpahy youserlf as well.

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