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Hiking from Sisdol to Sisneri via Dhoka Bhanjyang

Participants : SharadP, BhaskarB, Surendra, Keshav, Charu, Binesh, NischalD Bimal, ManishS and Vishnu
Route :
Time : 8 hours
Distance : 32 km (Appx)
Date : Sunday, Jan 21, 2007
Report : Bhaskar Bhattarai
Photos : BhaskarB, NischalD and VishnuK
Captions : VishnuK and BhaskarB
Creative Support : BinayaN

Surendra wanted to take this short cut to Bhandarthumka

Arduous is the word that best summarizes the hike of last Sunday. It certainly pushed me to the extremes of physical and psychological limits. It asked many questions of me. Focus, will power and sheer physical stamina were put to a severe test. There is always a limit to everything, that which, must be honored. However it is always nice to flirt with one’s mental strength and chip away small pieces of confines. A small victory of mind over matter, resolve fulfilled and deep sense of satisfaction.

It was exactly 4pm when Bimal and I reached Jagare bhanjyang, some 2000m above the sea level. It had been a non-stop grueling climb of almost 4 hours. There were two monstrous hills that had to be traversed to get to Jagare. Bimal was happily telling me that he thought his legs were healed, as it showed no signs of pain even after the strenuous ascent. He was badly injured in the hike from Okhreni to Chisapani at the end of October last year and had limped all the way from Borlang bhanjyang to Sundarijal. The potato curry and ginger tea at Jagare was refreshing for the tired and limping hikers. The last thirty minutes before arriving at Jagare was a treat to walk. The trail was formed on the ridge of the hill on its very edge and below you could see the valley drop. The hill itself had very little vegetation and consisted of many large rocks protruding out of the brown soil. Here and there were slender pine trees.

The climb had really started soon after we left Bhandarthumka and headed towards Dhoka bhanjyang. Sixty copies and pencils were distributed to primary students of school Bageshwori Primary School at Dhoka bhanjyang. It was noon and I felt really numb at the time. Young students with ragged and torn school uniform poured out of their classroom unable to restrain their curiosity at our arrival. Their excitement gave way to twinkle and glee as the stationary were distributed. Near the school in the village district building, government officials were collecting names of registered voters. I asked the head teacher how far Dhading was, he replied that it was only two hour to the south. In the distant horizon way below in the besi you could see the river Kolpu streaming southbound away from Nuwakot district and on to Dhading.

Driving down to the dumping site from Okharpauwa, treble of Ciney Gurung’s voice revived few scars. Scars best left deep in unconsciousness, although I wonder for how long, with Mercury Retrograde just around the corner. Shortly after commencing the hike, we came at the western most end of the Nagarjuna range. From this point, the Nagarjuna hills rise menacingly to culminate at Jamacho. It would surely be another adventurous undertaking. From hereon, the hiking team crossed the bridge over a small rivulet and headed towards Bhandarthumka.

Charu gets ready for the day with strong tea

Two baba’s talking about Rabadi (Lucknow sweatmeat) at 6:30am

Mikhail Gorbachev of D2Connect

Mikhail explaining his KGB exploits

Shoes on Fire

Stopping for breakfast at Teenpiple

It was a chilly morning

Japanese tourist that we encountered on the way (or is it Binesh?)

Manoj wondering what was to happen of him when we left

Bimal heats up his tool

Good looking Goat Meat for Sale (all of it)

Hikers march forward


Okharpauwa Dumping Site

“Ye tyo Budho lai ta maile chinchu …”

Sun light breaks through

Puffy hill

Manish stands tall

They are working, not hiding

The future dumping site (its a 50 year plan)

This is where we crossed the Kolpu river

Leading by example (on childhood roads)

Others follow suit

Mikhail holding vodka disguised as mineral water

Anyone up for mud bath?

Wheat fields (green)


Green combination

Crasivi (in Russian)

Origins of one Surendra


more garlics

Sacrificial goats (planned for February)

Pidi ma basera (Surendra remembering his childhood)


Baby Boka

Bimal holds one in his arms

Looks like potato


Baba, Dog and Cat – friends for life


The KGB jump routine #495

Chibe bird

Strange flower we met on way to Dhoka Bhanjyang

Trailblazing through Sal forests of Bhandarthumka

No its not cherry, it is peach

When I was in Russia, ..

The school where we distributed the stationaries

Grade 1 students being distributed copies and pencils


Headmaster, Mr. Rajaram Khadka

Surti plants

Young wheat

Charu wanted a shot right here

“I have sent bigger missiles in Russia …”

Unturned Gaze

Rato mula with noon khursani and jira – taste straight from heaven

Baba even took the leaves with relish

Vishnu and his rato mula

Spot Waldo

The playboy of Bhandarthumka

Moving from Dhokabhanjyang to Jagare

Pine trees present themselves as we climbed towards the lek


Vishnu tagging along with ex-KGB affiliate

Late comers

Steep climb


Snack time – cheese, biscuits and water

Pipal tree at Adubari

Eagle in the runway

Eagle taking off

Eagle in flight

She walked 1 hour to and from school since she was 3 years old

Bandarkharka in the distance

The tea-alu station (white house) at Jagare

Blocked perspective

Ban manche, ye hoina rahecha, Vishnu po rahecha

MG thinking of his colorful past life

The sun ready to retire for the day

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