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Singing Nepal’s Anthem


388. Singing Nepal’s Anthem
Photo By: Shutterbug
Posted Date: 16th July 2009

Singing national anthem in morning assemblies is routine affair although it still remains to be ascertained whether it indeed contributes to firing up love for the country among the children. The picture shows pupils of Shree Kokar Singh Pancha Kanya Prathamik Viddyalaya in Bhotekoshi queued up in an encore singing anthem wholeheartedly. I clicked this picture during a hike to Pangnang, Bhotekoshi on May 2009 with family members in tow.

This Nepal’s new national anthem by Bykul Maila got approved by Nepal’s cabinet on 20th of April, 2007.

0 thoughts on “Singing Nepal’s Anthem

  1. I wonder why the pupils are clasping their hands while singing the national anthem….. thats kindda odd never seen such thing in my life….

    Are they really singing the anthem or are they in the midst of the morning prays that we too used to sing during our school days????

    Whatsoever…… hats off for the expression galore….

  2. Hello shutterbug ! you r indeed a magnificent photographer capturing innocent hearts and true love for country .

  3. Hi Shutterbug thanks for your reply with evidence , it proved that you are not only a photographer , a perfect photojournalist too.

  4. PERFECT both PICTURE and DESCRIPTION. I like its composition, putting one little girl in foreground and balancing all other students at the background. I know it takes some creativity and experience to compose picture like this. HATS OFF.

  5. @pawan, “this is definitely a prayer. i don’t think people sing national anthem with eyes closed and hands joint.” don’t be over confident. You better learn some lesson from Shutterbug’s reply-comment.

    Wah Wah! Shutterbug! pawan lai reply gare ko comment dami cha.. hehehehe 🙂

  6. Nice Capture. Their uniform reminded me of my childhood, typical uniform of government school children across the country. We hardly get to see these kind of pictures in main stream print media. Well done Shutterbug.

  7. i LOVED THE VIVID EXPRESSIONS of these child, The picture is taken beautifully. And yes the first subject seems very frightened , “Is our new National anthem that much horrible ??”

  8. Dear Commentators, thank you for your compliments, comments and curiosity.

    Let me erase this doubt that some of you have, whether these pupils of Shree Kokar Singh Pancha Kanya Prathamik Viddyalaya were singing our National Anthem or not by joining hands. Please follow the link below and witness yourself of these pupils singing our national anthem at top of their lungs which I guess speaks even louder than my still shot above.


    My younger brother took this video, where you also get to see this Shutterbug taking the picture above.

  9. Very beautiful. I agree with Lenscape, this picture has lot to inspire us in making New Nepal.

  10. this is definitely a prayer. i don’t think people sing national anthem with eyes closed and hands joint.

  11. Hola hola malai pani testai laggyo what ‘Hamro’ and ‘Hands’ are saying.. K ho Shutterbug .. Life in Nepal ma wrong information description ma lekheko ta hoina? Prove us if our speculation is wrong.

    In a journalistic point of view no doubt you rule Everest Uncensored. Good luck.

  12. Agree with ‘Hamro’. Never seen or heard singing national anthem joining hands. May be they are praying Godess Saraswoti song. May be they will come to national anthem after this song. Who knows!!

  13. Very nice pic. But I think they can’t singing Nepali anthem. They were pray in morning. Because we can’t sing national anthem by joining our hand.

    Any way nice shot.

  14. Very journalistic viewpoint and moment well documented reflecting the genre of work you pursue. Indeed great capture! Shutterbug. My thumb up.

  15. Superb theme for a capture!! The angle you chose is great as most of the faces are revealed.

    I would like to see a bigger sized picture (when I zoom) so that I can see the individual faces more clearly. I can see multiple expressions and varied energy, ranging from first subject to the last in the group. See the enery in these cute little faces, a lot to get inspired from this.

    Good capture, and balanced description!!

    After you read this comment, try humming our National Anthem. If you can’t, I think u better get inspired from these kids. When I tried I also failed, it normally happens because we go along with the music and take it granted that we can sing it easily. But words don’t come by easily (hehe..Tracy Chapman…came into my description)…

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