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Shutterbug: EU Viewer’s Verdict

We want your opinion on this snapshot by Binju Sitaula. Good or bad? Like it or loathe it? Do comment as your ‘Verdict’. Your verdicts (comment) could be one of ‘3 Best Verdicts’ and every snapshot in this series gets Shutterbug’s constructive comment to enhance your photography skill. This will be publish in next month’s Shutterbug: EU Viewer’s Verdict series.

If you have some best ‘Snapshot’ do email at dynamic_2007@hotmail.com and get EU Viewer’s Verdict every month. Please attach only one picture in JPEG format per email and include your full name and write which type of camera, where and why you took the photo. Please maintain the size of your picture at good resolution for better viewing. And yes don’t forget to name your snapshot (caption).

    The Aim of this series:

  1. – To help viewers to view picture in a photographic perspective.
  2. – To help aspiring, hobbyist, or amateur photographer to have constructive feedback on their work.
  3. – To create an interactive platform for everyone who are fond of photography here in EU.
  4. – To motivate viewers to make constructive comment.

29 thoughts on “Shutterbug: EU Viewer’s Verdict

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  2. Thank you for making your honest verdicts. I hereby acknowledge all verdicts, comments and criticisms positively.

    May be you think using words ‘EU’ in the heading and ‘Shutterbug’ pop out vividly in this post looks forceful in getting viewer’s attention. I don’t think that way but definitely keep your words in mind, not do so.

    EU confusion
    You have raised a very good point which, I was not aware of. Certainly people prefer to send their snapshots to the one who they believe can do justice in giving photographic verdicts. Thank you for pointing. I will introduce myself in my next post along with my verdict.

    And yes erase your confusion. This is not EU official but a normal post of an individual registered blogger here in EU as Shutterbug. I don’t think we need to be EU Admin if we have something good and worth sharing with the Community. Hoina ra? Besides I believe in posting stuffs especially pictures which are of general interest, not on my individual choice.

    I repeat, this is not the official post of EU Admin. “Shutterbug le chahi j pani garna paune ho?” Yo k bhane ko ho Shutterbug le bujena? And I would be happy if you can make me clear why you think that ‘ EU is biased to Shutterbug’.

    I totally agree with you. People should never give comment which is not true or for sake of being positive. This is why I stated very clearly to make HONEST verdict, comment whether they like the picture or don’t.

    Do you think Shutterbug has posted this snapshot taken by Binju without her consent? Do you think any professional like me, would ever post other photographer’s work without their acknowledgment?

    I request everyone not to get misunderstood about this post. This is no ‘Contest’ here in EU. Read this post’s ‘Aims’ and share your verdict to encourage all budding Shutterbugs.

    Click here to see 3 best verdicts

  3. Its so nice to see my sweet buddies here in EU. Many Many tnx to Shutterbug for his kind support to escort professionalism in me; which could be possible if professionals comment on my weak points and show me the way to explore more. I promise you (shutterbug), to do much better in coming days.

    Many many tnx to you to Ekram for such a encouraging comments. As you said, i was playing wid these kitties n’ suddenly my brain dictate me to snap loving moments. Just this much otherwise i never thought of posting this picture here 🙂
    Agreeing wid your views I’d also like to request people not to judge ones skill for single picture like this. There are still so much do prove oneself.

    Many Many tnx to all for your precious words which counts a lot to me. To realize, I haven’t noticed the jhoorest background persisting this picture, now i came to know this after reading out comments here 😀
    I took this picture wid my small digi cam; once a photography Professor called it “tourist camera” 🙂 so the reason i cudn’t manage fstop.

  4. With a point and shoot device, Ms Sitaula has done an excellent job. bt still the background can be improved. with their poses, the left one should have been singled out and other two should have been shot at separately. but all in all, nice attempt for an amature photographer. looking forward to see better quality pictures. btw, get a DLSR, it will enhanve ur skill…

  5. dont know much about photography..but to give a comment I will say the innocense of these kitties made these snap a special one.

  6. this is by far one of the jhur photos posted in EU.
    stretched vertically, bad composition, bad angle – is this photography?
    i wonder is this the same Shutterbug who used to post photo comments in EU?

  7. Great Job caught cute of naughty innocent kitties… would have been much more better… if photographer had given care to the background too.
    keep it up

  8. Photography is all about experimenting and it would’ve been much better if the photographer had experimented with different backdrops. The background is definitely very distracting. An open background with reduced depth of field would’ve made kittens stand out. And I believe, eyes should be the main focus when shooting animals or birds.

    To me, this shot looks like it was taken one lazy afternoon when the photographer had nothing better to do but play with house kittens while lazing around in her bed. She could’ve experimented more with compositon.

  9. Nice picture. but it would be best if it has little wider scene of locational objects for reference like full scene of bed or window etc

  10. I think Binju didn’t intend to post this pic while she was taking it. She is just an owner who is fascinated by her pets. She took it for herself and we shouldn’t judge her photography skills by this photo.

    If Binju herself had started this post than its ok to give suggestions and comment on it. For now we may just discuss on why Shutterbug choose this picture as the first one for his competition. Besides, its not a good practice to give suggestions unless someone asks for it.

  11. Dont make false comments to encourage ppl. photo is nice but should have taken with good background (dont mean nice but a plain color contrast to subject will be okay). Keep on trying for the best one … best of luck.

  12. Beautiful picture. Taking snapshot techniqually perfect is rare things and I guess charm of snapshot is being able to catpure moment in time. So, I must say Binju did a great job.

  13. nice pics, Binju Ji, this is really a good start to see a real photographer in you……..Comments should be in such a way which shud encourage ppl to work more harder, rather than demoralizing one’s interest…….. your pics are really nice, ………

  14. This is very fantastic Photo, I like it and I think Binju is going to be a professional.

    Suman Ghimire

  15. Lovely picture of playful pretty pets. Binju must be very fond of pets, otherwise she won’t allow them to mess own’s sleeping bed. I like the picture.

  16. I think Timing is the most important thing to take the best picture.This picture shows the skill of cameraman ( Binju) and the timing of snapping.That,s why it came a nicest picture.Kitten looks are so pretty.Once again thanks for the cute picture.Hope we can see more and more picture.

  17. Cute picture! Taking pictures of animal is always difficult job but here Binju managed to capture nicely. And I too think background is not good. One way to elimate this is to use wider fstop to throw background out of focus. Anyway, good shot.

    And yes kittens also looks scared. Cheers to this ‘Viewer’s Verdit’ Series here in Everest Uncensored Site. 🙂

  18. Nice picture though background looks distracting. Instead of bed, it would be really nice if kitten were in green ground.

  19. well, liked these kitties and their innosent faces toward camera lens…. umm..mm… i think these kitties were dragged by camera flash while Binju freezed the moment.
    As far as her skill concerns, i think she just randomly snapped it. The background is bit poor…. otherwise everything seems nice. Mostly the lively expression made by lovely kittens… 🙂

  20. Why you guys argu in blog who can do what. Just admire Binju’s skills by looking at shining eyes of the kids

  21. 1. Is this a new series in EU? Or anyone can start this kind of post as a series. Confusion!
    2. Shutterbug, Could you please introduce yourself so that photographers may get motivated to send you more snaps for the verdict and Shutterbug’s constructive comment.

    Regarding the post by Binju, framed well but background is poor. And agree with Karma as well regarding the attention.

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