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Shortest Man On Earth

Photos of Khagendra Thapa Magar who visited the D2HawkeyeServices office in Kathmandu, Nepal on Saturday, March 13, 2010. He hails from Baglung District of Nepal and is claiming with Guinness World Records to be the shortest man (at 22 inches) on the planet. (Photos: Bhaskar Bhattarai and Manish Shakya).


24 thoughts on “Shortest Man On Earth

  1. Wonderful things will never end, it’s quite wonderful to see the smallest person on earth, but remember that’s is never his choice: its destiny from almighty God, so praise the Lord of the universe and all creators.

  2. So glad to see him. Amazing indeed. Thanks to everyone behind. Specially Keshav bro.

    The fact awes me that in almost all pics of him floating in the internet, he is wearing Nepali topi.

    Thanks to Visitor for sharing the links.

  3. This little guy was featured in a Channel 4 documentary here in the UK along with several other contenders for the title of the World’s Shortest Man. He has a great personality and didn’t seem in the least bothered about his “disability”. He seemed to thrive on the attention. In public, at any rate. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes.

  4. the controversial pic is a typical example of cultural clash. but since the poster was himself nepali, he should have known better. but everybody makes a mistake… its only human to err.

    and regarding the donation sum… don’t think that needed to be disclosed! the contributor himself didn’t disclose it in his reply!

  5. Yes, Chris & Rudra have contributed a worth of Rs. 36,325.00 to Khagendra Thapa Magar Foundation. this organization works for his education and empowerment including for others alike him also.

    If you have intention for such, I will be happy to introduce you to Chairperson Min Bdr Rana or else you could dial his cell 98560 20782 or Khagendra’s dad’s cell 9804 156 091.

    In addition, sincere thank goes to Keshav Basnet and Tilak Thapa Magar for their help for making this
    meeting matured.

    When I met him I discovered the real world of him was quite different from his footages on TV and the photos on paper. To this surprisal credites goes to Chris and Rudra. Keep unfolding the truth!!

    Cheers as always!

  6. Thank you all who participated. I do want to be clear that there was no intent to make fun. It was a privilege to meet this remarkable, and happy, young man. Rudra and I have made a contribution to his foundation.

  7. It is not everyday that you get to meet a Guinness World Records contender and on top of that from your own country! So I would really like to thank Manish jee and Bhaskar jee for showing up there, taking the pictures and exercising the effort to put these up on the net for my children and grandchildren to see! I also want to thank Rudra and Chris sirs for organizing this. As part of nature’s creation, we all come in different shapes and size. Life is about celebration and respecting one and all. I was glad I came over to Hattisar on Saturday evening and enjoyed meeting with Khagendra. Below are some news links that convey his story in one form or the other, I urge you all to read it.


    Love life, love your country and its people, and live in peace!

  8. Santosh Pradhan, Sabin, …: Point noted, it was not intentional. Thank you for your comments. I will be careful next time.

  9. is it fair enough to compare a man with shoes..???may it be height or any other…Khagendra is born as shortest man , then it is not his fault. Please do not make fun out of him.

  10. nice to see the small guy. but the pic where hes being measured with shoes is a bit offending, i dont think that pic should be there in public

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