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Shivaratri-A Glance at Pashupati

Vehicles struggle to move on Shivaratri Roadblocks

Trafic Jams everywhere

more so!!

Up the hill to Mrigasthali


pausing for a breath

Deities everywhere

Familiar Faces

big mass for the big fest

not just another day for “Mrigasthali Cafe”

‘what’s the fuss about’?

Shiva ko Buti

getting the composition right

masta raho balak!

Everest Accounts!!!

heads and pinacles

distant observers

Some queues beat the petrol lines

Exploring the exploited Bagmati

People, living and dead

making the best of the corner

right place to be

0 thoughts on “Shivaratri-A Glance at Pashupati

  1. please forward this to Girija. He was there in Pashupati on the day. He should have seen the dirty holy river. Shame on these politicians who do not open eyes and do not bother addressing matter like this. Thank you for bringing this to us. Hopefully, oneday we can see clean Bagmati.

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