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Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Chisapani

Title 2012 Jan – Deerwalk Hiking from Budhanilkantha to Chisapani
Location Shivapuri to Sundarijal
Date 4th-5th January, 2012
Total Time 8+6 Hours
Coordinator Jeevan Timilsina
Participants Jeevan Timilsina, Rupesh Karki, Nimesh Deuja, Ujjwal Manandhar, Basant Amatya, Suman Shrestha, Nawaraj Thakuri, Kiran Dangol
Photos By Ujjwal Manandhar, Kiran Dangol
Report By Kiran Dangol, Nawaraj Thakuri
Captions Lava Kafle
Creative Support Kanchan Raj Pandey, Himalaya Kakshapati

Day 1 (Shivapuri-Chisapani)
It was a cold Saturday morning at 8 o’clock when we gathered in Deerwalk office premises for a 2-day hike to Chisapani from Shivapuri. Our journey got delayed a little bit thanks to Mr. Consistently Late. It was already 9:30 AM when we finally embarked on our journey from the office premises.

Our first stop after about 25 minutes of drive was Budhanilkanth, a small town on the outskirts of Kathmandu, where we decided to have breakfast. After having breakfast, we resumed our journey at about 10:45 AM.
We reached Shivapuri National Park after about 5 minutes of drive, from where our actual hike started. We bought tickets to enter the park which cost us Rs.20 per head. Then we started walking through the park. After plenty of discussion amongst ourselves about which way to go, we finally continued on our way.

We walked up for about an hour before we reached NagiGumba, a really peaceful and serene place. One of the monks there provided us with a kettle of hot water and some plastic cups, and we were able to make and have some coffee which refreshed us quite a bit. We spent around half an hour there.

We had some great fun moments as Rupesh cracked some really funny jokes.

After walking uphill for around a couple of hours from NagiGumba, we reached Bagdwar, the origin of Bagmati river. We had tea in a Baba’s ashram (hermit’s abode) where few other hikers were also having tea. Then we climbed uphill through the dense forest for around 5 hours before reaching our final destination Chisapani.

We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of those long hours of walking in the jungle, even though the walk was really tough. We had some great fun moments as Rupesh cracked some really funny jokes. We, however, lost our way along the way as our ‘designated guide’ Nimesh (as he had travelled the route before) was not too sure about the exact route at times. Somehow we made it to the top of the hill and we forgot the tiredness and fatigue on seeing the spectacular scenery from there. We whiled away some time taking a lot of photographs of the breathtaking views.

Then we moved downwards hurriedly since time was running out and there was plenty to walk. So without wasting any time we all walked in fast pace. Finally we reached Chisapani at 6:30 PM and booked a hotel to stay. We decided to take a rest at the hotel since everyone was feeling tired after walking the whole day.

Day 2 (Chisapani – Sudarijal)
We woke up early to enjoy the sunrise and took some photographs in the morning. We had early breakfast in the hotel before we left Chisapani. We left Chisapani for Sundarijal at 9 AM as planned before. We enjoyed the nice view of Ganesh Himal while returning back. We took some rest at Simsar region of the Shivapuri National Park. We arrived at Sundarijal passing through a small village called Mulkharka after walking for 6 hours. As usual the hike ended with a heavy lunch at Thakali.

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  1. I badly wanted to go on this hike but due to some unforeseen circumstances couldn’t even though the number of hikers were less. I guess better luck next time.

  2. this is my 2 hike to chisapani from deerwalk jan 16 ma gako theo yo bhanda paila and both of time i remamber.

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