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Services Q2 team building at a glance

This time around we thought of a different team building activity, something different from regular gathering, music and party. It sure turned out to be a nice and engaging team building for everyone in services department. The idea was fairly simple; GO-KARTING. Even though this sport is just starting to get popular and most of us were doing it for the first time, the thrill and excitement of a race could not be lesser. We had twelve groups each with four competitors competing to reach the semifinals, then three semifinal races each yielding to 3 finalists to race it out.

The activities began with practice sessions for everyone to get a feel and may be plan out their strategies. Not to mention that apart from the race to semi-finalists, a different league of betting was going on for the winner of the race.

There was flow of good food throughout the event which concluded with a nice dinner towards the end.

I would have written a long post with every details of the event, but then thought not to, as the snaps below will be much fun for all.

Finalists: Anup Basnet, Ritesh Khanal and Prabin Shakya.

Winner: Prabin Shakya

Winner from Ladies: Barsha Poudel

Date: June 28,2009

35 thoughts on “Services Q2 team building at a glance

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  3. I have taken about 1000 on-night stand till now. Nothing has happened you old minded traditional …

  4. “most of the people were absent??” : 60-65 people ma 50 present thiye.. so that makes it “Most of them were present.. ”
    “no one is actually interested??” : just take a look at those pictures.(we can provide you with more if you want). whom did u see not interested?
    “yo racing spot banda bhayo ho??” : finally you got something right. yea yo spot banda bhayo. so you guys will never get to know what you missed.

  5. Yato ni team building huncha ra, most of people were absent. No one is actually interested, interested vako vaye ya comment ma i missed it vane pakai huntyo. Khoe bhuje ko. By the way yo racing spot banda vayo re ho?

  6. @jabo car Says: …….. I remember the story of the fox…”The Grapes are Sour”….:D

  7. Reminded me of those DHOOM days…. aah… par ofsoch this car is only for single ride :(… haain

  8. I remember those days when I used to battle with Damon Hill *sob* *sob*. Pretty nostalgic stuff.

  9. jabo fuche car chadhera k ka nai va jasto, yasto ni khusi? One night stay is better.

  10. It was an inadvertent miss and yes the pictures speak volumes about the complete team building!

  11. It was the best Team Building ever…. But who wrote this image captions @6… It was not done intentionally but was accidently hahahah… KADA TEAM BUILDING… Congrats PrabinS for winning the race..
    1. @94 it was really nice prize ….
    2. 87 jityo bhandai ma aakhan ma beer chai chyapna nahune ho 😀

  12. Why so small description and caption? Isn’t it a lazy way of posting such a great Event?

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