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Seosons at IOE

The Summer at IOE


The Winter at IOE


The Spring At IOE

Thats the Total Life cycle of-06/07 @ IOE.
Thanks for my Nokia 6630.

37 thoughts on “Seosons at IOE

  1. Dovan, you are really superb.I go back to the lovely days of pulchowk when i read ur comment.How can i forget those days.Girls hostel and geeta dd ko dinner menu.I can still remember how ur presence and ur jokes used to make hostel lively.Ur creative book marks are another great thing to remember.Be like that always.

  2. It was the lovely blue mimosa, all in bloom that got me attracted to Pulchowk at the first place… the blossomed trees, solitary bench and the streets with fallen leaves…exactly the kind of place that I would describe in my poems or make sketch of..

    I also liked the green lawns that gave us warm refuge from the cold classes in winter…

    the empty ground and gajede jhyaang … the stone walls that we climbed over…

    the road down to the hostel ..that i would walk drowsily to dive in my bed … the weeds on the banksof the road where I would search for little yellow and pink flowers which I would press in my books to make bookmarks..

  3. Since the establishment,IOE yesari nai chaliayeko chaa.Khai lets see when it will Fall…eheh..
    Hope so not in near millena…

  4. Yedi, Fall At IOE yesari nai continue bhayo bhane Fall of IOE huna ber laaudaina

  5. Our NEC campus is way better than this. Yup – we care. You guys from IOE are too wild.

  6. Yedi, Fall At IOE yesari nai continue bhayo bhane Fall of IOE huna ber laaudaina

    Dibesh Shakya

  7. better will be divide year for IOE into two seasons i.e. exam seasons (2 months) and non-exam seasons(10 months)

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