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Senior Managers Retreat

Biswas Lohani Biswas Lohani
Saturday, July 13, 2019, it was raining in the morning but, looking at the sky, I was hopeful that the day will be brighter and warmer as we had Senior Managers Retreat at Nagarkot. At around 1 PM, Sudeep dai called me to inform that the van was on the way to Baneshwor where I was supposed to be picked up. After 10 mins, the van arrived and the journey began.

Although the road was full of potholes and the ride was not easy, the level of excitement in the van was high. After 2 hours, we reached our destination: Hotel Mystic Mountain, Nagarkot.

As soon as we reached the hotel, we got busy clicking photos; the view from the hotel was ravishingly beautiful. In the lobby, we were informed that we have a meeting at 4PM. So, we hurried to our rooms to freshen up.

At 4 PM, we all met in a hall with Rudra dai and spent about an hour discussing plans for making company better and stronger in the future. Each person gave updates about his / her project / team and raised issues, if any.

After the meeting, we had delicious snacks enjoying the gorgeous view with some more photo sessions. Interesting chit chat made us forget about the time and it was already dinner time.

After having a variety of items for dinner, we played Dumb Charades. With their epic acting skills, Muna Bhauju and Ashish dai stole the show. After the talent show, we played cards till midnight and went to bed.

We were expecting some stunning views of the mountains in the morning, but it all went in vain as we woke up to a foggy and rainy morning. We had our breakfast and departed from our hotel at 10 AM.

It was one of the most memorable and fun-filled outings that I ever had.