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Seeking in those eyes


I see a sheer frustration…

in the eyes of a scholar.

Whilst, I seek the look…

of aspiration and hope in those eyes.



I hear of allegation…

why things are not done the way they ought to.

Whilst, I anticipate…

the whisper of contentment.

I hope for contributions and sacrifices to make.  



I hear of petty nuisance…

due to inefficiency and inadequacy.

Whilst I long to hear voice…

to waken and alarm the self conscience.

Despite of the petty selfish desires.

I would welcome the thoughts and deeds for the overhaul.



I see negativity and pessimism…

towards the system;

Whilst, I plead one of you to come…

be a part of it.

Do not retreat and surrender when you are lured.

I oblige you to resist and brawl…

persistently against it.



I feel your desire and dream…

to achieve a lot;

Whilst, I anticipate the desire to be selfless.

I seek in you…

zeal to revolutionize the liberty.

With perseverance and relentless toil and tenure,

I, now dare to dream on your behalf…

for I reckon, this wonderful dream may come true…

for I believe, this wonderful dream may come true soon.

0 thoughts on “Seeking in those eyes

  1. Aneesh and Nischal dai,
    whatever happens, happens for good. I just hope things get started sooner.
    However, it’s better late than never, I definately hope we have found a common ground with diverse culture and variation but having a common goal to provide the expertise and skill for the benefit of our respective clients and organization and ultimately effecting in the development and economy of our nation.
    Contribution of our organization for education is worth applauding, starting from school kids in innumerable villages in the outskirts of kathmandu valley, further it has shown a path for growth of knowledge which has been a dream coming true for scholars.

  2. Too bad, voices of awakening are limited to small communities like EU, just as education and scholarship is.

    What would have happened if your poem had reached the naitonal dailies and aired on the telly. Some heads would have turned, no doubt. One the other hand, realization is just the beginning. What is the solution? Nepali effort seems to be limited to organizing uprisings to adovate a need, but as soon as we are in a position to make change, the age-old timidity, inaction, compacancy and bholibadi nature takes control. Then, we go into a hibernation of mundanity which goes well with our bureaucracy standards.

    If education, foreign investment and tourism grows to meet our potential, government jobs would be lucrative. The problem is, there is no culture of unity in Nepal. Nepal’s difersification has been a hotbed for various opportunists, including forces from the palace, political parties, the maoists, etc to fill the cultural and social vacuum. Nepal needs social, cultural, ethnic and linguistic unification on a common ground. Then, you’ll create a common force. If all of us are divided by opinion, way of life, cultures, time-frames, no change will come. Or, we could all overturn the present hierarchy of civil society leaders and take over. That would be a start. Is any interested? See?

  3. yhe, if every body criticize about this system standing and not doing anything, then this system is not going to change. it need US the Nepalies scholor and our passion to change. only standing outside won’t help our rotting system.

  4. Well of course I am describing the trend in the Nepalese society. We, as scholars or educated, opt to have a better living, a better career and we don’t give a second thought about joining any Government Organization because of less payment which is causative agent of corruption among government officials and any honest citizen would rather not take it easy. When lured by bribery, any official should resist and work on their own schedule no matter how desperate the client may be due to his\her documentation deadline who attempt to bribe.

    And also because it is frustrating to work as govt. official in Nepal, many of the officials finally retreat to either migrate to foreign country or rather join Non-Government Organizations. Educated people don’t want to take hassles of being a part of the so called old, rotten and corrupted system of Nepal and leave the system unattended. Alas! scenario on the system will remain the way it was before.
    So, here I tried to plead the educated and aware civic to be a part and pillar in the making of good and effective Nepal. And that is just a dream which needs to be a reality. Like, If overhead bridge should be taken to cross the road, then that should be put in action right away.

    Susant, I hope that answered your query.

  5. To be a part of a system doesnt mean that u have to support it, or agree to what’s goin on. We can take part, by making changes, by doing what should be done, resist and brawl… I cant say you got it wrong sushant, but to criticize, i think u should look at it twice..

  6. Well Lekhak, here ‘I’ refers to any one who can’t bear the look of distress and dismay in the eyes of scholar or any literate making fuss over trivial matters. Scholars who take out all their frustration on system and bitch people for their sense of satisfaction.

    And I wish you didn’t compare those two poetries, both have different meaning and creativity. Anjana didi’s poem is one of a kind, she has portrayed her opinion about the unfortunate innocents who got in the mishap.

    Biswa n rage_on, thanks for your words of appreciation.

  7. Well done Lekhak, this is a fodder of words, not a literary piece. I read the title and the first paragraph and i thought you were describing what you saw in a scholar’s eyes, then suddenly you begin hearing voices.

    Whilst, I plead one of you to come…

    “I see negativity and pessimism…
    towards the system;
    be a part of it.
    Do not retreat and surrender when you are lured.
    I oblige you to resist and brawl…
    persistently against it.”

    Then in these lines you are pleading everybody to come and be a part of it because everyone thinks it is bad. Then you say that we should not resist the temptation to be lured by it. What does this mean? As i understand it, you are pleading because not many people are in it, but the system is luring them to come, yet they are still not coming. So, you are suggest that they should not resist the temptation, and become lured by the system. In the end it gets really confusing when you are again telling us to fight against the system, resist it and not surrender.

  8. Who is I here?

    I see a sheer frustration…

    in the eyes of a scholar.

    >> ok…a scholar is frustrated

    Whilst, I seek the look…

    of aspiration and hope in those eyes.

    >> not ok..in which eyes you seek that aspiration and hope? who are you?

    This all mess of words. Please explain.

    But it is till better than other poem, who is that anjana and yes I know there was a bomb blasts. You guys stay safe and write better.

  9. this is a work of real class. not just the way u presented it, but also the issue u discussed, is very inspiring. we see what u see too, but u put it into words with such careful elegance… gr8 work ❗ ❗

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