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Searching answers;.A middle class perspecttive

Science, management,arts this that and all those  certificate providers..Scope,job guarantee,money,fame,beautiful wife,prestige and all these rubbishes.They hang around my mind all the times and why not. for I am a victim of middleclass produced stress.I donot regret for I am a middle classee but I pity on   " middle class" as a whole.Somebody had told me either then worst is good or the best is good, just good is never good.A ragged  man is happier than" we"  and a filthy man is luckier.

                     I guess I have come to the point of Bairag, I donot know what it is called in English.A point in life after which the quest for life begins.After when one starts choosing his way. So I am thinking what to do.Study ,work ,try abroad and all those things. I have seen so many educated people going abroad and working while so many uneducaterd people are working here and going to the gulfs.Walking down the streets of Putalisadak we can see a chain of consultancies for abroad studies, lots of colleges, and training centres.I get bewildered.After all what is the purpose of studying.Why we cannot get a job here if we complete our study over here? I say,even study is not everything.If we are Nepalese citizen then why do we have to go the  other countries to work.Some might answer that population has exploded in Nepal.But is it not true that the world population is going higher per decade?If yes then why we only the victim?Is it beecause Nepal is a small country and its arsenal is not impressive?What about Japan? It does not have a army of its own.Again if we walk through the streets of Maharajgunj across American embassy.we can see a lot of people waiting outside hoping to win the "Khaires' " heart and get the visa.If  I am the citizen of this world in totality then why cannot I go to the place I like?Dear readers donot forget that I am writing as a middle classer.I donot what it is exactly with so called upper class and lower class.Truly this class is very artificial and very cunning.One day in a government hospital "a middle class gentleman" approached to a cash counter where I was having some discussions of my own.It was no doubt  crowded and one could hardly get his work done with ease.So he came with some artificial smartness and said, "   excuse me,  dai report line thau kahaa ho."The man at the counter gestured then the man went from there.I laughed at the scenario.With the smartness he excused he didnot thank the man at the counter.His work was done and he forgot to thank. After this scene I have come to deduce that little knowledge comes from little prosperity and both are very dangerous.

 Dear friends I am talking reality over here.I am getting to the socialistic level over here.Niether I am communist nor I am a rightist.I am not even a writer or blogger whatever this site refers to.In Nepal the rich ones  donot seem to care about the poor ones.I am not trying to say they have to share their money.I mean to say caring in actuall sense.For example do you think that America cares Nepal?In a political level at least.Does India?I guess no.From middle class perspective  nicer ones love the poor while the crooked ones like the rich ones. This has been my last  resort .Whenever I ask to my elders,friends,teachers and other people Idonot get precise answer.Sometimes to whom I question they come to be already entangled in this middle class mentality.Some donot understand the question at all,while some "big heads" artistically answer,Keep on your inquiry but never forget your responsibility.

With this very publishment I request all our readers to send their answers,so that we can know what actually is this society filled of.

6 thoughts on “Searching answers;.A middle class perspecttive

  1. Prithvi ji,

    well! i was smiling when i read your article…

    thats the fact… and thats the damn ****ed reality.
    Sorry! for my words. but thats what the world is up to now.

    Marvelous work.

    all the destinations for middle class, only to get more trouble than before.

    but but but!!!
    It cannot be changed.

    Well! at this point of time, you and i are a middle class… but what if u upgrade in the future…
    what if you earn lot of money… and become a senior class hero.

    than at that point of time, you will surely forget the middle class.
    Mark these words…

    its the routine… poor become middle class…. middle class become senior class… and so on…

    Its the game… its the rule… and its the reality…

    So! Just pop the smoke and relax… be cool… be yogi…

    WELL! WELL! WELL! but
    I enjoy being a WORKING CLASS HERO (as said by JOHN LENNON, the famous beatles singer)


  2. PrithVi, We Middle class cannot go up and cannot fall down. Status Quo always: and never improve and degrade. Although refugees can rise a lot, We cannot. Never. Second class citizens we middle class. I love your word “A ragged man is happier than” we” and a filthy man is luckier”.
    It is a state between 0 and 1.
    Latest CPU/OS, these days allow that Middle state so actual society may change similarly and we may have some impact on society of Nepal.

  3. haha, where is your blog to comment?
    “If you want comments ” Why should you know who is commentor? Aaap khana sikho, ped ginna chhoddo.

    See comments, digest them or vomit them, thats all.

  4. Please make your article little contradictory and little more interesting. If you write sth we all know and we all agreee, what to coomment? Be different, put different perspective and go against the whim. Then see.

    EU Admin should also provide a section so that we know about the bloggers. It is always better to know about the blogger before writing any post.

  5. I wonder why nobody is interested in commenting .What is this.We have to comment then only we can develop our selves.

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