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Sanjay Shrestha’s US Visit

This year I had the opportunity to visit Deerwalk U.S. office alongside my colleagues Ramesh Sapkota and Pratik Joshi. We left for the U.S. on 1st June from Tribhuwan International Airport filled with excitement.

From Kathmandu to Doha and Doha to Boston, it took us around 18 hours long flight to reach our destination. When we landed at the Boston Airport, I was surprised to see the chilly weather with fog rolling around as it was still summer. We then took a cab and headed for Ashay’s home where he welcomed us.

At 9 pm, Abanish dai came to pick me up to join Pramod dai and Kapil dai at Extended Stay America which I had to call home during my stay in the U.S. Next morning, Pramod dai and Kapil dai gave me a brief introduction about the hotel and the surrounding neighborhood.

We had a warm reception on our first day at the US office. Everyone was generous and welcoming. Abanish dai helped me become familiarize with the organization’s culture and work environment. We planned and worked on a number of tasks to be done during my stay there.

I met Ms. Erin, the US office tax accountant who briefed us on the recent changes in tax law of U.S. We discussed about way of bookkeeping and overall improvement of financial reports. I also had a meeting with Deerwalk’s CFO, Dave Hansen which proved to be beneficial for better presentation of our financial reports. All those exposures helped me broaden my knowledge, gave me good understanding of U.S. office’s operation and opportunity to learn so many new things not accessible from Nepal.

Besides work, we went to see a baseball match between Red Sox and Texas. This was different joyful experience of my life. Katie also took us to batting cage at Waltham. And our last day at work, we went in a Chinese restaurant for lunch with U.S. office employees. I spend my weekends sightseeing in Baltimore, Washington D.C., New York, Niagara Falls and Cape Cod Island. All those places were scenic with amazing views and paradise feelings. During those visits, I met and spent good memorable time with my old friends, brothers and relatives residing over there.

In the end, I would like to thank Deerwalk for providing me with this great learning experience. I am also grateful to all U.S. office employees for their kind help, good food and wonderful time.

[Sanjay Shrestha, Senior Accountant at Deerwalk Services Pvt. Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from June 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019]