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Sadhu’s make-up

337. Sadhu’s make-up
Photo By: Lucida
Posted Date: 4th March

Shivaratri is celebrated on the 6th of the dark Falgun(Feb/March) every year. Hundreds of naked and quasi -nude sadhus gather near Holy Temple of Pasupatinath in Kathmandu.

Sadhus are always the main attraction of this festival. Apart from their activities one thing I found interesting is the color they apply in their body. I followed one sadhu from early in the morning. He first took a bath and applied paste of ashes in his body and let it get dry. After some time he scrubbed his body and turned white, which was going to be the canvas for applying color. After that he sat for hours long “make-up” session. This picture I took is during he was applying color in his body. This picture is from last year’s Shivaratri. I guess there are hundreds of Sadhus around Pashupati nath this year too and thousands of spectators surrounding them, amused by their activities.

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