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Saddam Hussein’s execution: How fair?


Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been hanged to death early Saturday morning. He was tried for the charges against humanities during his reign. He was convicted by an Iraqi court on November 5 of crimes against humanity in connection with the killings of 148 people in the town of Dujail. The decision was upheld by the Appellate court on Wednesday that paved way for his execution. (Visit BBC News or CNN for more news on Hussein’s Execution)

This incident is supposed to have significant effect on global politics. Some speculate that the US hegemony will be strengthened further while others say; it will bring the US into closer confrontation with the Muslim countries which have been challenging US hegemony this or that way. This incident is crucially important for the future of Iraq and the Middle East in general.

The incident is supposed to have certain effect in the global politics. The Nepali public is also divided over the incident. Some suppose it right step ahead on returning Iraq in the path of democracy whereas the larger section thinks it as US invasion and Saddam Hussein’s execution as a crime. This has been crucial question how Nepal will react to the incident. There are speculations as the then Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba admittedly supported the US invasion in Iraq as return to US support on fight against Maoists here in home. There are other speculations as well. Since this government comprises of some communist factions which are inherently known as anti Americans or the Maoists are also affecting the national politics, the reaction to this incident will be different. Else, Whatever the government responds to, our readers possess the right to expression. Hence, the Everest Uncensored wants here to ignite discussion whether the incident is right or wrong. Please put forward your views on the comments below.
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0 thoughts on “Saddam Hussein’s execution: How fair?

  1. Interesting to see some in the archives posted in the most viewed section.

    Speaking on the record, the court of law’s decision should be taken as authoritative and not something to publicly speculate on.

    Off the record:

    Saddam’s execution came at a time when the US’ performance in Iraq and its overall image was deteriorating. His execution was accelerated to save face – to show that the Americans got one thing right (purpose to rid Iraq of a dictator).

    Most of the Muslim community share a feeling of global brotherhood – it doesn’t matter to them whether a criminal was punished or a saint wronged. They’ll see it as a “muslim” being wronged.

    The US – the present administration run by Ne-conservatives – are on a new cold war against the Muslim world, simply because the latter controls the trade of oil. If the Middle East can be democratized – which in reality means – capable of being controlled by the Americans through Israel, they would have a major political footing on a section of the globe that pretty much plays by its own rules. Had the Neo-cons succeeded in Iraq, they would have hit Iran and Syria, too.

    On the other hand, we all came to know about a dictator called Saddam Hussain through CNN, BBC, etc. We live in a world where agenda setting through media to influence public opinion is not a new thing. In any case, if someone is a criminal for sure, it’s the court’s decision to punish the criminal according to the laws of the land.

  2. Hey,Bishakha do u know what’s happenning in Iraq after his death…killing of one wingless person is leading another massacre in Iraq…..are you thinking in that way??..

  3. bishakha-
    do you not think that just because he is a killer we shouldn’t become killers ourselves!
    the only way to stop wrong is to do it with right……….
    if you go aroung hurting someone just because they hurt you this world will become a jail cell!

  4. I don’t know what you guys are thinking but, I think the punishment was 100% fair. All the lives he killed
    all the damage he did. A life time in jail would have been a very dumb thing to do because he should have died in pain like all the people he killed. So I personally think the hanging was the the right punishment for him.

  5. “he should have been given the death injection”
    No if he had sucided nobody would argue on this topic and it would be his mistake himself .That’s why i think he did good for that he didnot sucide.

  6. he killed many innocent people…stole many futures…and strangled young talent…
    he deserved a punishement… a lifetime in jail at the very least…i believe he could have been set free and have most of his priviliges taken away from him…because it is inhumane to kill…if he had to recieve a death penalty…hanging is sick…he should have been given the death injection…but what is done is done…so it was partly fair…

  7. Taking someone’s life is always bad. But does it apply it to pathetic monster like Saddam? I really don’t know.

  8. There is no argument that Saddam hussein was a criminal. He had committed many crimes against humanity for which the history will never forgive him. So far his execution concerns, I would agree with Yestai Ho. His death does not properly punish for what he did over the past decades.

    After his execution, I came across many people who firmly believe that Hussein’s Execution is unfair. Among them, most of them gave the rational that there are more notorious criminals, for example, they say Bush. Certainly, Bush or America will, one day, be prosecuted for what it has done to expand its empire over the past decades, or in the last century which continues till now. However, Saddam Hussein could not be forgiven just because that more notorious criminals are at large. The history will pubish them as well. With Saddam Hussein’s death, an era of communal violence and exploitations has been over in Iraq. Still there is possibility that another dispot may be born there, say, Bush’ invasion in Iraq which has more jeopardised the lives of Iraqi people.

    After the world makes consent that punishing Hussein (not death sentence but it could have been in other forms e.g. life sentence)was fair, then only other criminals won’t escape from what they have done for the world.

  9. Fair for what he did. But, unfair as humanitarian point of view. He should have been jailed as political prisoner. Execution is bad thing. This creates more killers in the world. Saddam should have been pardoned.

  10. “There is no any charge above the right of human living”. I would would want to hear this from human killers in Nepal too.

  11. Its unfair.Though, so many massacres in the past
    but at present he should have been kept somewhere clipping all his wings.In this world the most of the rulers have made so many massacres.same is the case in our country also.
    So they shold be castigated severly but the kiling shouldnot be done unlike the case of Hussein.

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